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New SNL Featured Player Rumor Alert Issued For Mary Faber

I heard a hot rumor that Broadway star Mary Faber tested for Saturday Night Live recently and is being considered for a spot on the show. She currently sings and dances opposite Daniel Radcliffe in How to Succeed and has studied improv at both The PIT and UCB.

Lorne Michaels issued a statement last month saying SNL was neither firing nor hiring any cast members this season, HOWEVER, according to sources close to the matter, they're potentially interested in making room for a female... if the right one comes along. Is Mary the one?? Mary's SNL audition reel is up on YouTube, check it out.

Seems like she'd be awesome, hope she gets it! Here's a list of 15 fun facts about Mary.

The Apiary was the first to report on the SNL casting rumors last year. Send tips to if you hear anything.


Has The Lonely Island Drifted Away From SNL?

An SNL supersleuth wrote in today with some discerning ideas and intel about Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer's continued tenure at the program:

People are speculating about The Lonely Island's presence at SNL. Jorma seems to be gone (whether permanently or not, I don't think it's been confirmed), and people have been wondering if Akiva was going to leave too since he was just announced as producer of Wilmer Valderrama's new variety show. I would look out for Akiva's name to *not* be in the credits this weekend since I saw him leaving 30 Rock yesterday at 4:30pm with a box. It didn't look like a "I'm carrying cool props to a film shoot" kind of box as much as a "I just cleaned out my desk and here are all my personal things" box. Again--purely speculative. No proof. But given the timing of it (why would he leave 30 Rock with a box right when the week's sketch writing is supposed to begin?) and the online speculation regarding his producer role on the Valderrama show, I'm inclined to believe he's left SNL for the time being. I guess we'll only know for sure after they roll the credits this weekend, so be on the look out for it.

Faces of the SNL Standby Line

It's become a little bit of a yearly ritual here at The Apiary to check out the scene at the SNL standby ticket line on the eve of the season premiere. God bless these people who endure the harsh New York elements, sidewalk bugs (a variant of bed bugs) and the same question from passersby over and over: "Why are you laying here in the street like a bunch of hobos?? This isn't Penn Station!"

Freddy is the first person in line. He's been here since 11PM on Thursday!

Good god! Someone help these people!

Possible proof of an overlap between SNL fans and UCB fans.

"So let me get this straight... you've grueled it out overnight every weekend for every SNL broadcast for the past 36 years and you don't have your own reality series on A&E?"

It's time SNL listened to the advice of The Humane Society and switch to cage-free audiences.

Meanwhile on the OTHER side of the building, SNL celebs stream out into idling livery cabs. I couldn't get my camera to focus fast enough, but this blur is actually Jimmy Fallon. Kristen Wiig and Lorne Michaels also walked by as I fumbled with stupid buttons. Why do cameras even have buttons??

Freddy (#1 in line) and Amanda (#2) are seen here playing another exciting game of "Fist-Bump" to pass the time. Hopefully they got in!


Jenny Slate Rumored to Exit SNL; Why is SNL Quiet on All This?

The cast change leaks at SNL keep gushing but there's still no official statement on any of them. Today, Deadline reports rumors that Abby Elliott was almost let go and Jenny Slate won't be returning:

I hear Abby Elliott, daughter of Chris Elliott and the first second-generation SNL cast member, was in serious jeopardy but now appears safe to come back, while rumor is that Jenny Slate might not be returning. Slate, who joined as a featured player along with Nasim Pedrag [sic] last fall made headlines with her SNL debut. On the show's season premiere last September, in her first appearance during a sketch titled Biker Chick Chat Slate uttered the word "fuckin'" on live television.

Here's something I don't get about all these rumors: Why isn't SNL owning the cast change story? Has anyone in their PR department heard about Twitter?  It's kind of ridiculous that any random blogger or outlet can break these leaks when SNL can easily do it themselves by calling the New York Times or tweet the official news as it happens. Either Lorne and company love and endorse the unchecked speculation or they have the worst publicists in the world working for them.


Is Taran Killam Headed to SNL?

With the shocking news out today that Will Forte has left the cast of SNL, it begs the question: WHO'S JOINING SNL? I've been sleuthing out a rumor that someone from The Groundlings got cast as a featured player. And one name that's floated past The Apiary's news desk is Taran Killam. Taran currently mans a marquee spot in The Groundlings' Sunday Company, he's done recent stints on Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother and he's also got a season of MAD-TV under his belt. Granted, Taran might not have been hired at all and this could be a wild rumor on the bridge to nowhere, but let's indulge this for a moment. I imagine we'll find out for sure soon enough. Here are some videos featuring Taran:

Who Should Play Elena Kagan on SNL?

"Who Should Play Elena Kagan on SNL?" is probably the most important question going around Twitter the last couple of days, so I figured I might as well compile scientific data so we have a definitive answer on what the world thinks. Most people, including Dennis Miller, agree that Jon Lovitz should play her while others think pre-existing SNL characters like Pat and Debbie Downer should be given the coveted role. Patton Oswalt and Kevin James got a couple of votes of confidence too. Good luck to all!

The Origin of Debbie Downer Raises the Possiblity of an SNL Multiverse

In this weekend's stellar SNL, a number of sketches were posted to Hulu that would have been left on the dress rehearsal floor, including THE WOLVERINE ORIGIN FOR SNL NERDS, aka the origin of Debbie Downer.

It's nice to see these dress clips even though they're basically flashing sideways like they do on LOST and creating AN SNL MULTIVERSE that sort of exists but not really. Will we be expected to know facts about these sketches for future genuses of Trivial Pursuit: Saturday Night Live? Please advise.

Regardless, NBC honcho @shoemakermike suggests that everybody "Please RT to make Debbie Downer from Dress go VIRAL. Dratch & Paula wrote it brilliantly."


New Video Wednesday! Featuring SNL Backstage, Tesla, and TV Carnage

SNL Set Transition | SNL Backstage

Inside The Lab #1 - An Improv Documentary | Tesla

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RIP Dixie Carter