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Has The Lonely Island Drifted Away From SNL?

An SNL supersleuth wrote in today with some discerning ideas and intel about Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer's continued tenure at the program:

People are speculating about The Lonely Island's presence at SNL. Jorma seems to be gone (whether permanently or not, I don't think it's been confirmed), and people have been wondering if Akiva was going to leave too since he was just announced as producer of Wilmer Valderrama's new variety show. I would look out for Akiva's name to *not* be in the credits this weekend since I saw him leaving 30 Rock yesterday at 4:30pm with a box. It didn't look like a "I'm carrying cool props to a film shoot" kind of box as much as a "I just cleaned out my desk and here are all my personal things" box. Again--purely speculative. No proof. But given the timing of it (why would he leave 30 Rock with a box right when the week's sketch writing is supposed to begin?) and the online speculation regarding his producer role on the Valderrama show, I'm inclined to believe he's left SNL for the time being. I guess we'll only know for sure after they roll the credits this weekend, so be on the look out for it.