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Faces of the SNL Standby Line

It's become a little bit of a yearly ritual here at The Apiary to check out the scene at the SNL standby ticket line on the eve of the season premiere. God bless these people who endure the harsh New York elements, sidewalk bugs (a variant of bed bugs) and the same question from passersby over and over: "Why are you laying here in the street like a bunch of hobos?? This isn't Penn Station!"

Freddy is the first person in line. He's been here since 11PM on Thursday!

Good god! Someone help these people!

Possible proof of an overlap between SNL fans and UCB fans.

"So let me get this straight... you've grueled it out overnight every weekend for every SNL broadcast for the past 36 years and you don't have your own reality series on A&E?"

It's time SNL listened to the advice of The Humane Society and switch to cage-free audiences.

Meanwhile on the OTHER side of the building, SNL celebs stream out into idling livery cabs. I couldn't get my camera to focus fast enough, but this blur is actually Jimmy Fallon. Kristen Wiig and Lorne Michaels also walked by as I fumbled with stupid buttons. Why do cameras even have buttons??

Freddy (#1 in line) and Amanda (#2) are seen here playing another exciting game of "Fist-Bump" to pass the time. Hopefully they got in!