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Jenny Slate Rumored to Exit SNL; Why is SNL Quiet on All This?

The cast change leaks at SNL keep gushing but there's still no official statement on any of them. Today, Deadline reports rumors that Abby Elliott was almost let go and Jenny Slate won't be returning:

I hear Abby Elliott, daughter of Chris Elliott and the first second-generation SNL cast member, was in serious jeopardy but now appears safe to come back, while rumor is that Jenny Slate might not be returning. Slate, who joined as a featured player along with Nasim Pedrag [sic] last fall made headlines with her SNL debut. On the show's season premiere last September, in her first appearance during a sketch titled Biker Chick Chat Slate uttered the word "fuckin'" on live television.

Here's something I don't get about all these rumors: Why isn't SNL owning the cast change story? Has anyone in their PR department heard about Twitter?  It's kind of ridiculous that any random blogger or outlet can break these leaks when SNL can easily do it themselves by calling the New York Times or tweet the official news as it happens. Either Lorne and company love and endorse the unchecked speculation or they have the worst publicists in the world working for them.


'Pageant Talk' SNL Sketch

In case you missed it: Here's a ridiculously funny sketch from the most recent SNL (with host Zach Galifianakis).

The Honey Shot

Max Silvestri, Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman are the hosts of Big Terrific | Photo: Mindy Tucker

  • Don't miss Big Terrific, happening TONIGHT @ 8PM at Cameo Gallery (93 N 6th Street bw Berry & Wythe) | Featuring Robert Buscemi, Jordan Carlos, Rich 'Fourfour' Juzwiak, Claire Titelman, and a Secret Showbiz Guest | Free

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Jenny Slate: Dead Millionaire @ The UCBT - 5.7.9

Image Hosted by When an eccentric broad dies and leaves her 300MM dollar fortune to a Bichon Frise, a colorful cast of characters shows up at the funeral to find out who will inherit the pooch in Dead Millionaire, a new one woman show by Jenny Slate, playing on select Thursdays in May at The UCBT. NOTES --Snappy, stylized transitional video accompaniments give Jenny time to show off her wit and make costume changes into silly characters such as singer-songwriter Gloria Estefan, Jenny's niece (pictured above), and a seemingly tame dame with a tight perm and a hidden wild side, Ruth Diamond Phillips. --A climactic performance from a real live Bichon Frise elicited both groans and giggles. The dog appeared to be well-trained in both comedy and the acting methods made popular by Constantin Stanislavski. It truly acted like a dog being unwittingly embarrassed in front of a strange crowd of gawkers--so real! --With exceptional young ladies like Slate and Violet Krumbein rocking terrific character showcases as of late, it seems such performances can conveniently function as live audition tapes for area casting directors on the hunt for funny females. It'll be interesting to see what opportunities line up for them. --DEAD MILLIONAIRES EVERYWHERE: Jenny's performance just happens to coincide with another dead millionaire extravaganza in town: the sensational fraud trial over Brooke Astor's megabucks. The main difference between the two shows is that Astor's beloved dachshunds, Boysie and Girlsie, aren't getting any stage time in theirs. Image Hosted by

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Invite Them Up @ The Bowery Ballroom - 12.14.6

Image Hosted by Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale brought their celebrated friends to The Bowery Ballroom for a year-end Invite Them Up blowout. NOTES --The show was sponsored by, a promising looking broadband network produced by Turner that is launching in January. More info HERE. --Many of the night's performers have stuff in development with SuperDeluxe. --A lucky Random Audience Member was presented a 250 dollar wad of CASH on-stage with the condition that she somehow use that money to make a video for SuperDeluxe. Seconds after being handed the money, she crazily raced through the venue tossing it into the air. --BIG POPS: Reggie Watts on mouthsex, Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler (as Jesus) having a Dirty Dancing moment to "(I've Had) The Time of My Life," and Jon Glaser's wicked heel turn as Jonny Attitude. --Daniel Kitson was SPOTTED enjoying some cotton candy with John Oliver. Anyone know what Kitson is up to here? --John Oliver has never heard of Ween. --Not as big a crowd as last year's show. One blogger is wondering whether the turnout is a measure of a burst comedy bubble. Eugene Mirman gave a starstruck fan an "aneurysm of joy" less than 2 days ago in LA, so we think it has more to do with the promotion than anything else and that the bubble is a-okay. --More pics from the show at the ITU MySpace page. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Gabe Leidman & Jenny Slate do a solid impression of the Indigo Girls 69-ing each other Image Hosted by Jonny Attitude, we thought you were sincere Image Hosted by Paul F. Tompkins

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