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Is Taran Killam Headed to SNL?

With the shocking news out today that Will Forte has left the cast of SNL, it begs the question: WHO'S JOINING SNL? I've been sleuthing out a rumor that someone from The Groundlings got cast as a featured player. And one name that's floated past The Apiary's news desk is Taran Killam. Taran currently mans a marquee spot in The Groundlings' Sunday Company, he's done recent stints on Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother and he's also got a season of MAD-TV under his belt. Granted, Taran might not have been hired at all and this could be a wild rumor on the bridge to nowhere, but let's indulge this for a moment. I imagine we'll find out for sure soon enough. Here are some videos featuring Taran:

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