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On the Red Carpet at The Night of Too Many Stars @ The Beacon Theater - 10.2.10

Steve Carell, seconds before he was eaten by the paparazzi. We'll miss you, Steve!The annual Night of Too Many Stars fundraiser for autism education took place on Saturday and the stars once again strutted their way down the blue-ish red carpet before performing some skits for everybody. A televised version of the event will air October 21st at 9PM on Comedy Central. Let's see who all came...

Sarah Silverman!

Ricky Gervais and LTR, Jane Fallon

John Oliver looks rather tiny here but he's actually a relatively normal sized person.

For the purpose of optimizing our search engine results and getting mad hits, this is a nude Olivia Munn photo.

Tracy Morgan and unidentified friend

Lewis Black was stark raving black. As expected!

Tommy Hilfiger took a break from fist-fighting Axl Rose to save autistic children. So brave.

Jim Gaffigan arrived with his wife.

Jim's obviously been pumping a lot of iron lately--his ripped pecs are pictured here bursting out of his shirt.

YouTube sensation Tay Zonday proved once again that the Internet rumors are false and that he is in fact not dead.

Photos by Justin Alt


The Honey Shot

Lewis Black recently emceed a 2009 USO Gala event | Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley


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Lewis Black Drive-by Shooting - Conclusion

Read Part 1 here Image Hosted by At the book signing, I found myself pitted between two animals who together had been to 19 different book signings over the last 2 months. The funny thing about it was that they hadn't even read over 80% of what they purchased, they just wanted the autograph. On my left was Gina-Michele (one "L," don't fuck that up). She is 34, a Scorpio, loves Lewis Black, is dating someone 10 years younger who is in pharmaceuticals, is looking for work, never wants children and draws on her eyebrows (a little too high, I might add). Ellie on my right, like Golden Girls' Blanche Devereaux, has locked in her age at 39--clearly she is at least an eon or two older; her daughter loves Lewis Black, she is divorced and is subletting a room from a 52 year-old man who compulsively puts aloe on his face and talks trash on Oprah (something Ellie doesn't appreciate too much). The last fifteen minutes before Lewis came out was a haze of over-excitement and obsessive re-application of makeup. Cameras were being whipped out of purses. Then, he entered the room. Both the women grabbed my legs in excitement. Lewis Black was awesome. He didn't actually read from the book, just discussed his career. The man's not as angry as he seems on TV, but I think anyone that is a good judge of character can see that anyway (he even choked up a bit when talking about Mitch Hedberg). After Mr. Black was done talking, he sat down at the table three feet away from me and the line formed. While waiting my turn, I texted Kevin via my cell, typing "I'm finally bumping into Lewis Black." As I pressed "send", I realized if this weren't true, Kevin wouldn't look like the idiot-- I would. Thus, I became nervous. I didn't want to look like I escaped some mental ward in front of Lewis fucking Black! But I had to ask that question. "Mr. Black, this may sound ridiculous, but were you ever in a drive-by in Kansas City?" "Oh yes," he said. He then proceeded to go into the details of how he was wasted in the back of the club and saw all of this strange commotion going on. "So you had to hit the floor?" "Yeah!" I explained how I was trying to settle a bet. Then we shook hands. Kevin was telling the goddamn truth. I owe him a drink or five. Libby is a New York-based writer who can be seen imbibing delight through constant absurdity.

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