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Is Comix Turning Into a Sports Bar?

I walked by Comix this afternoon and saw that the upstairs bar area of it is being renovated into some kind of sports viewing establishment called Bar 353 @ Comix. There were dudes on ladders hoisting a big vinyl banner with various athletic logos over the awning. Is Comix cornering the market on sports enthusiasts who also love to lol?

An artist's representation of what Comix might look like in the near future.


Ochi's Lounge is No More; Also: What's up with Comix?

It was announced today without warning that Ochi's Lounge has been closed. Kambri Crews wrote on Facebook:

After three years of fighting to keep it open, free and cheap, it is with great sadness that I report that Ochi's was officially closed. I want to thank each of you for giving that room so much charm and community.
The joy I felt in that room was never short of stupendous. I’m sure gonna miss it. Special thanks to Mr. John Morrison for the loan of the lighting system for over two years! His generosity and support is mind boggling.
Your commitment to comedy is inspiring, and I look forward to seeing you all move on to bigger and brighter things. I'll be seeing your faces around. I can't wait to have some laughs with you outside of that club.
Best, Kambri Crews

It's unfortunate that another nice space in Manhattan has been put out to the pasture, especially one that was so welcoming for noobs and pros alike. Performers lined up on FB to eulogize.

CC Insider's Gonzalo Cordova wept:

Oh, man, that really bums me out. I've spent countless hours in that space waiting to go up. I'm really glad I went to the mic there on Wednesday and got to perform there one last time.

Mike Lawrence added a rose to the casket:

Also I think a special mention has to go to Sean Donnely for doing such a great job of running a show and a mic there. I'd say Kambri, King, and Donnely are the holy trinity of that place.

Ochi's, which was created using stem cells from the miscarriage that was Mo Pitkins, made good use of Comix's otherwise untapped downstairs area, so why not keep the dream alive, why not lure more audiences with more shows and more comedians with more opportunites?  Show producers there were notified as late as this past Wednesday about the cancellation of all future performances and a group of ominous sounding "new investors" was cited as the reason for the sudden course of action. This doesn't seem to bode well for the venue.


  • Who saw this coming??
  • What do these new investors want from us??
  • Is the Manhattan alt-stand up scene in shambles??


Anthony DeVito, Matt McCarthy, Dan Curry, Bill Wood, Jay Bois, Sara Jo Allocco, Katina Corrao, Glennis McMurray | Photo: Anya Garrett

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The Honey Shot

Hannibal Burress | Photo: Mindy Tucker

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News of the World

--SKETCHFEST NYC 2010 IS ON. There was some uncertainty as to who would take over the lead production reins this year, but Jeremy Lamb, the producer of Austin's weeklong Out of Bounds comedy festival, is heading up the efforts. If you'd like to perform at it, submissions are now being accepted.

--Comic Book Club's Alex Zalben wrote a comic book, Thor and the Warriors Four, due in stores April 7th.

--Both Comix and Carolines are doing NCAA basketball themed comedy competitions in the near future. Josh Filipowski started an event called March Comedy Madness at Carolines 3 years ago and decided to bring it to Comix for its 4th installment.  However, Carolines would very much also like a comedy competition, so they're hosting their own show called The Final Four.

--Speaking of Comix, we're excited for Tom Green next weekend

--This improv group needs a name and they're offering an alcohol fueled-oily rubdown to the best suggestor.

--The Leno/Letterman/Oprah Super Bowl ad made us feel like we were living inside the lyrics to Aaron Neville's Everybody Plays the Fool. Wut??

--Attention new home buyers who want to take advantage of the 8,000 dollar tax credit: Conan O'Brien's Central Park West apartment is for sale!

--In related news: Just as we warned, Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien content has been STRICKEN FROM THE INTERNET. If you act fast though, you can probably stock up on t-shirts from the NBC Experience Store before the TSWCOB eradication spreads to real life. Just think, ten years from now you can cash in and sell those shirts to the same people who buy 6 packs of Crystal Pepsi on Ebay.



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The Honey Shot

Frances Chewning and Hannah Bos are Mimi & Flo | Photo: David Schinman

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The Honey Shot

Lewis Black recently emceed a 2009 USO Gala event | Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley


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