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Tom Green @ Comix 2.18.10

Daddy would you like some sausage?? | Tom Green's World Standup Comedy Tour came to Comix


--Following a brief set by Mike Birbiglia and a timespender by Shawn Halpin, Tom Green emerged from the wings to Don't Stop Believing and toddled through the venue doling out high fives with slow deliberation to the crowd of giddy 20-somethings while grabbing the side of his pants and nose-breathing like an oncoming train.

--Tom touched upon his experience getting screamed at by Donald Trump, the likelihood of Ellen Degeneres' shitty taste in music, Tom's 7-month marriage to Drew Barrymore, and the revelation that he and Drew once tried to adopt a Vietnamese child named Maddox.

--Aside from the Freddy Got Fingered callbacks, one highlight for us was a demonstration of the evolution of man from neanderthal to modern human to our future as curdled blobs with oversized thumbs used exclusively for text messaging.

--Tom got kind of serious at the end of his set to tell us how he found God while staring down the barrel of ball cancer. "Apart from wanting to get up onstage and have a great time with all of you folks who are coming to see me live, I also want to talk straight," Tom wrote in a recent blog entry, "I think we all need to lighten up, goof off, make fun of each other, ourselves, and everything else.  Because at the end of this ride, every single one of us will meet the same fate.  We are not going to be around forever.  So let's enjoy ourselves while we can, laugh, and have a good time."

--Tom's tour actually does go around the world. This spring, he's heading to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and he'll also be putting his bum on the Swedish once again.

An onslaught of fans surrounded Tom after the show just before eating him


News of the World

--SKETCHFEST NYC 2010 IS ON. There was some uncertainty as to who would take over the lead production reins this year, but Jeremy Lamb, the producer of Austin's weeklong Out of Bounds comedy festival, is heading up the efforts. If you'd like to perform at it, submissions are now being accepted.

--Comic Book Club's Alex Zalben wrote a comic book, Thor and the Warriors Four, due in stores April 7th.

--Both Comix and Carolines are doing NCAA basketball themed comedy competitions in the near future. Josh Filipowski started an event called March Comedy Madness at Carolines 3 years ago and decided to bring it to Comix for its 4th installment.  However, Carolines would very much also like a comedy competition, so they're hosting their own show called The Final Four.

--Speaking of Comix, we're excited for Tom Green next weekend

--This improv group needs a name and they're offering an alcohol fueled-oily rubdown to the best suggestor.

--The Leno/Letterman/Oprah Super Bowl ad made us feel like we were living inside the lyrics to Aaron Neville's Everybody Plays the Fool. Wut??

--Attention new home buyers who want to take advantage of the 8,000 dollar tax credit: Conan O'Brien's Central Park West apartment is for sale!

--In related news: Just as we warned, Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien content has been STRICKEN FROM THE INTERNET. If you act fast though, you can probably stock up on t-shirts from the NBC Experience Store before the TSWCOB eradication spreads to real life. Just think, ten years from now you can cash in and sell those shirts to the same people who buy 6 packs of Crystal Pepsi on Ebay.