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If there's one thing Adult Swim does well, it's connect with its viewers (18-24 males) (Is that statistic accurate? I don't know). And one of the ways they do this is by using bumps: These are the white text on black background interstitials that run between shows and seem to give the channel/network/block a pseudo-editorial voice. I should also mention the style guide for their very name "[adult swim]" is very 18-24-male-friendly. But with their bumps, [adult swim] can crank these out very fast, helping them stay current, fresh and most of all subversive. And who doesn't like subversiveness on television?

So last night I stumbled upon the work of a one "Gavin Paul Marca," who addresses Comedy Central in the description field of his Vimeo uploads:

HELLO COMDY CENTRAL I AM GAVIN PAUL AND THANKYOU FOR YOURE KIND OFFER TO MAKE YOU A TELLY PROGRAM THIS IS MY contemporary, original and downright funny animationcontemporary, original and downrightfunny animation THAT I MADE WITH MY COMPUTER PC FOR MY MASTERS STUDY. BOODGYE


Gavin Paul Marca is, presumably, the online alter ego of award-winning Kristian Andrews, according to my "research." Unfortunately, I don't know anything about any of that, but I do know this: I love this shit. A lot. Not least of all because Gavin uses the term "Boodgye," and that each clip is 10 seconds long, or that he cites a fragile health condition by his sixth submission. I don't know how or in what capacity (maybe as bumps??) but I do believe Comedy Central could stand to gain a lot from using these clips. I hope this works out for both parties. Keep up the good work, everybody! --K.H.


On the Red Carpet at The Night of Too Many Stars @ The Beacon Theater - 10.2.10

Steve Carell, seconds before he was eaten by the paparazzi. We'll miss you, Steve!The annual Night of Too Many Stars fundraiser for autism education took place on Saturday and the stars once again strutted their way down the blue-ish red carpet before performing some skits for everybody. A televised version of the event will air October 21st at 9PM on Comedy Central. Let's see who all came...

Sarah Silverman!

Ricky Gervais and LTR, Jane Fallon

John Oliver looks rather tiny here but he's actually a relatively normal sized person.

For the purpose of optimizing our search engine results and getting mad hits, this is a nude Olivia Munn photo.

Tracy Morgan and unidentified friend

Lewis Black was stark raving black. As expected!

Tommy Hilfiger took a break from fist-fighting Axl Rose to save autistic children. So brave.

Jim Gaffigan arrived with his wife.

Jim's obviously been pumping a lot of iron lately--his ripped pecs are pictured here bursting out of his shirt.

YouTube sensation Tay Zonday proved once again that the Internet rumors are false and that he is in fact not dead.

Photos by Justin Alt


The Honey Shot

Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" | Image courtesy of Comedy Central

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Ugly Americans Teaser Airs Tonight

Image via Animation Magazine

Alert comedy hivesman Soce the Elemental Wizard tipped us off today that Comedy Central will air a short preview of its newest animated series, Ugly Americans. The series is being executive produced by Dan Powell (The Colbert Report, Important Things With Demetri Martin) and David Stern (Monk, The Simpsons) and produced by Devin Clark. Animation is being handled by Augenblick Studios. The series is also a spin-off of original web series, 5-On, and according to our pals over at CC Insider:

Ugly Americans is about a social worker who helps monsters adjust to living in New York and features the voices of Natasha Leggero, Matt Oberg, Randy Pearlstein, Mike Britt, Kurt Metzger, Rebekka Johnson, Pete Holmes, Julie Klausner, Larry Murphy and Michael Leon Wooley.

Why are we excited? Because we know and love all those voices! Ugly Americans won't air officially until March 2010, but get a quick fix tonight during South Park @ 10PM (EST). Here's the preview clip:

Ugly AmericansMarch 2010
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Inside With: Rob O'Reilly | By: Andrew Singer

BABY FACE "Some pimple-faced kid decides whether I get to pay rent next month" --Rob O'Reilly | Photo: Phil Nee
Image Hosted by
Standup comic Rob O'Reilly has steadily been winning the hearts and minds of comedy fans around the world. A regular performer on the college circuit, O'Reilly has also been featured on Jay Leno and Comedy Central's Live at Gotham. We recently chatted with Rob about life on the road, becoming a man and baring all. How are you making the transition from a youthful comic to a grown-up comic? I've only recently started to realize that my hook or gimmick is no longer there. I used to be the young kid who could get away with anything because I was adorable. But now I'm just old enough to not get away with it, yet still too young to tell a dirty joke without making an old person uncomfortable. They look at me and they see their son, and they don't want to hear their son talking about vaginas. Nowadays there are some much younger comics, such as Billy the Kid, who is like 15. Billy makes me seem like John McCain.

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