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If there's one thing Adult Swim does well, it's connect with its viewers (18-24 males) (Is that statistic accurate? I don't know). And one of the ways they do this is by using bumps: These are the white text on black background interstitials that run between shows and seem to give the channel/network/block a pseudo-editorial voice. I should also mention the style guide for their very name "[adult swim]" is very 18-24-male-friendly. But with their bumps, [adult swim] can crank these out very fast, helping them stay current, fresh and most of all subversive. And who doesn't like subversiveness on television?

So last night I stumbled upon the work of a one "Gavin Paul Marca," who addresses Comedy Central in the description field of his Vimeo uploads:

HELLO COMDY CENTRAL I AM GAVIN PAUL AND THANKYOU FOR YOURE KIND OFFER TO MAKE YOU A TELLY PROGRAM THIS IS MY contemporary, original and downright funny animationcontemporary, original and downrightfunny animation THAT I MADE WITH MY COMPUTER PC FOR MY MASTERS STUDY. BOODGYE


Gavin Paul Marca is, presumably, the online alter ego of award-winning Kristian Andrews, according to my "research." Unfortunately, I don't know anything about any of that, but I do know this: I love this shit. A lot. Not least of all because Gavin uses the term "Boodgye," and that each clip is 10 seconds long, or that he cites a fragile health condition by his sixth submission. I don't know how or in what capacity (maybe as bumps??) but I do believe Comedy Central could stand to gain a lot from using these clips. I hope this works out for both parties. Keep up the good work, everybody! --K.H.