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On the Red Carpet at The Night of Too Many Stars @ The Beacon Theater - 10.2.10

Steve Carell, seconds before he was eaten by the paparazzi. We'll miss you, Steve!The annual Night of Too Many Stars fundraiser for autism education took place on Saturday and the stars once again strutted their way down the blue-ish red carpet before performing some skits for everybody. A televised version of the event will air October 21st at 9PM on Comedy Central. Let's see who all came...

Sarah Silverman!

Ricky Gervais and LTR, Jane Fallon

John Oliver looks rather tiny here but he's actually a relatively normal sized person.

For the purpose of optimizing our search engine results and getting mad hits, this is a nude Olivia Munn photo.

Tracy Morgan and unidentified friend

Lewis Black was stark raving black. As expected!

Tommy Hilfiger took a break from fist-fighting Axl Rose to save autistic children. So brave.

Jim Gaffigan arrived with his wife.

Jim's obviously been pumping a lot of iron lately--his ripped pecs are pictured here bursting out of his shirt.

YouTube sensation Tay Zonday proved once again that the Internet rumors are false and that he is in fact not dead.

Photos by Justin Alt


EXCLUSIVE: A Sarah Silverman Set List From 2004

The Apiary got its hands on a curious piece of comedy memorabilia recently -- a Sarah Silverman set list from her Jesus Is Magic days.  I'm told the written notes are likely those of the director in charge of filming the performance at Fez Under Time Cafe in New York in April of 2004.  It's interesting that just the words "Stripper" and "Wax Assholes" could unpop a can of insights in Sarah's brain.  I also love that my mother would hyperventilate while reading it.


Sarah Silverman Signed a Bunch of Books

Foodies shopping for boob shaped pasta at the Urban Outfitters in Noho yesterday were startled when Sarah Silverman appeared and scribbled her name over a hundred or so fans' copies of The Bedwetter.  Onlookers briefly stopped purchasing bib necklaces and jeggings in order to gawk. Sarah continues her book tour all next week.