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On the Red Carpet at The Night of Too Many Stars @ The Beacon Theater - 10.2.10

Steve Carell, seconds before he was eaten by the paparazzi. We'll miss you, Steve!The annual Night of Too Many Stars fundraiser for autism education took place on Saturday and the stars once again strutted their way down the blue-ish red carpet before performing some skits for everybody. A televised version of the event will air October 21st at 9PM on Comedy Central. Let's see who all came...

Sarah Silverman!

Ricky Gervais and LTR, Jane Fallon

John Oliver looks rather tiny here but he's actually a relatively normal sized person.

For the purpose of optimizing our search engine results and getting mad hits, this is a nude Olivia Munn photo.

Tracy Morgan and unidentified friend

Lewis Black was stark raving black. As expected!

Tommy Hilfiger took a break from fist-fighting Axl Rose to save autistic children. So brave.

Jim Gaffigan arrived with his wife.

Jim's obviously been pumping a lot of iron lately--his ripped pecs are pictured here bursting out of his shirt.

YouTube sensation Tay Zonday proved once again that the Internet rumors are false and that he is in fact not dead.

Photos by Justin Alt


GIVEAWAY | Comedy Central Stand-up Showdown Prize Pack

Comedy Central is standing up for comedy and saluting it all month long with stand-up specials every weekend in January. From favorites like Chris Rock and Aziz Ansari to the premieres of Artie Lange and Arj Barker this weekend--there's something fresh for everybody. "Stand-Up Month" also sees the start of a brand-new stand-up series starring The Daily Show's John Oliver which airs Friday nights at 11pm.

Go vote for your favorite comedians and decide the 2010 Stand-Up Showdown champion. Starting at 11AM on January 31, Comedy Central will count down the top 20 comedians, chosen by viewers at The winning comedian will be crowned at the end of the night.

So get in a stand-up state of mind with a double DVD Stand-up Showdown prize pack featuring Jim Gaffigan and Nick Swardson.

Nick Swardson - Seriously, Who Farted?

Jim Gaffigan - King Baby


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Rampaging Jim Gaffigan Punches Out Random Audience Member

Mr. and Mrs. Gaffigan in happier timesThe Gotham Comedy Club suddenly turned into the UFC Octagon last week when Jim Gaffigan put down his bacon bits mid-set to maul a rude dude.

Time Out was there for the frenzied melee:

Jim Gaffigan looks like a bull when charging from the stage to grapple with a heckler. Even while Gaffigan and the drunken asshole are wrestling up the ramp near the emergency exit, some part of you still wants to believe it's a joke. Then the asshole gets Gaffigan on the ground and gets a couple of good shots at the Hot Pockets guy! The management steps in just as sane audience members and the loudmouth’s beefy pals move past their shock to get involved. According to one of the Gotham workers afterward, the guy said something to Gaffigan's wife. So one more piece of learning: Don't talk shit to Jim Gaffigan's wife.

Five Things I Learned at a FistFight with Jim Gaffigan

Who won??