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The Chris Gethard Show: Featuring Diddy - #diddygethard @ The UCBT - 1.15.11

Photo: Ari Scott | See the complete set of #DiddyGethard photos

By: Lucas Hazlett
In what will surely be remembered as one of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater's most talked about "Were you there when..." moments in its history, Chris Gethard fulfilled a year-long obsession by finally having Sean "Diddy" Combs take the stage for a night of comedy and touching self-reflection.  There's no doubt this was a "must see" show. While a who's who of comedy scenesters and theater regulars angled for seats inside, people stood outside in the theater's notorious stand-by line for hours. For those who couldn't make it to the madness or those who simply want to relive it, The Apiary was on hand for a play-by-play of the festivities.

11:59 - Front row seat. Watching the audience madness unfold. Hannibal Buress in second row. This shit is real.

12:02 - Audience still shuffling in as Kung Fu Monkeys, decked out in Clockwork Orange whites, play selections of their signature catalogue.

12:10 - Show producer Bethany Hall whispers to band, one of them mouths "Keep stalling?"

12:15 - Fan favorite and previous Chris Gethard Show personality Mitchel Fesh takes seat up front. Takes a look around theater and gives nod of approval.

12:19 - Bethany takes a seat on stage as band begins to play "for real". All is well.

12:20 - Lights down. Video montage of Gethard's initial plea to Diddy, followed by a year's worth of vlogs and television appearances.

12:24 - Diddy takes stage. Crowd chants "DiddyGethard!"

12:26 - Diddy thanks Chris Gethard for his persistence and energy. Says he "loves a good time."

12:27 - Gethard cheekily admits rocking Sean John clothing.

12:28 - Diddy talks about his feelings on the #diddygethard movement, says he couldn't tell if it was a sexual thing or not, says "What the fuck are you talking about?"

12:29 - Diddy asks Gethard, "Why did you choose me?"  Gethard sheepishly recounts that he "initially went after Al Roker."

12:30 - Gethard introduces cast, each one appears on stage to a cover of a Diddy song.

12:33 - Video of Will Hines walking to Juniors to get Diddy a piece of cheesecake.

12:36 - Don Fanelli taste tests various vodkas to promote Cîroc, offers self to be electrically shocked for every wrong answer.

12:40 - Gethard hands me shot of vodka.

12:41 - Gethard shocks Fanelli repeatedly despite correctly identifying vodka.

12:44 - Will arrives to theater with Juniors cheesecake. Diddy demands Will be shocked after displeasure over errant placement of three strawberries.

12:47 - Shannon O'Neill hosts Sean John fashion show. Gethard says of Will Hines that he's a "bitch-ass in Diddy's clothing."

12:54 - Gethard asks Diddy to give each cast member a nickname.
Don Fanelli ⇒ Luther
Will Hines ⇒ Gregory
Shannon O'Neill ⇒ Mercedes
Bethany Hall ⇒ Nice Tight White Booty
Chris Gethard ⇒ Ray Ray
12:57 - Crowd chants "Ray Ray."

12:58 - Gethard asks Diddy if he ever suffers from anxiety before a show or performance or appearance. Diddy reveals, "Anxiety stays. If you don't feel that anxiety then something's wrong."

12:59 - "Never stop shitting!" - Diddy

1:00 - Diddy advises Gethard on potential move to Los Angeles: "stick your foot up their ass and come back successful."

1:05 - Diddy believes God brought him and Gethard into each other's lives.

1:06 - Gethard talks about how Diddy brings people good luck and asks Diddy, "Are you magical?"  Diddy replies, "It's a little bit of magic."

1:09 - Gethard compares all of this to The Muppet Movie.

1:10 - Diddy provides Gethard with care package for cross-country trip, contents include Tic-Tacs, two crisp stacks of money, copies of new CD Last Train To Paris for audience, strippers, a HANDGUN and A PAIR OF SHADES!

1:15 - Cast reads/performs sketch about what will happen immediately after show. Diddy is off-book within seconds, is he an improviser?

1:20 - "This ain't heaven. This is my kitchen." - Diddy

1:22 - Diddy leads chant of "Ray Ray."

1:26 - Show ends, Diddy gets standing ovation.

1:26 - Diddy shakes my hand.

1:27 - Diddy wasn't lying. He's a little bit of magic.

-- Lucas Hazlett is a comedy geek who improvises with anyone he can.



Image & video courtesy of Justin Purnell.



Welcome back, Diddy! After executing a perfect dive into the collective consciousness of New York comedy nerds (see "The #DiddyGethard Thing Is Alive"), Mr. Combs uploaded this gem of a video in which he lays claim to Broadway, treats himself to a double soft-serve cone and slaps a bunch of Jacksons in a guy named Lulu's palm.

At about two minutes in, Diddy pulls a Mr. Chi-City, bum rushing an unsuspecting Chris Aurilio (managing assistant of The Peoples Improv Theater and member of sketch comedy team Foolhardy Manor), who clearly wants nothing more than to be left alone. Did Chris really not recognize Diddy at first? "Had no clue," he said.

But after several viewings, I don't know what I love more: Chris's classic New Yorker one-hand-up-to-block-the-crazy-man-on-the-street manuever or his genuine contrition immediately thereafter. Nah, I think I like his: "December 14th, you better buy it" the best. Definitely.