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Photo: Alden Ford

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The UCB East is Now Open for Business: First Photos, Shows, and Details From the New Theater

The UCBT officially unlocked its East Village expansion Tuesday night, The UCB East (aka The Beast). But judging by the utter lack of wacky inflatable arm tube dudes and the three random people in the crowd for its first show (a screening of Wild Girls Gone), it's not ready for a Theater Magazine feature story yet. I strolled through, snagging shots of the new space. It seats a 100 maybe and is both long-ish and narrow. You'll need to speak with your diaphragms inserted to reach the lurkers in the back. Oh, and the stage is small, probably 12-14 feet wide? UCB West devotees will be majorly disappointed by the clear, unobstructed view from every seat. The venue has a foyer and a roomy spillway, which means you'll be able to shotgun PBRs before and after a performance without getting rained on. BYOB for now though til the liquor license fairies come by.

The official calendar should be debuting any moment now at the UCBT site--someone at the theater said it'll go live tonight at midnight. Here's this week's lineup.

**Full First Week Schedule**

Wednesday 9/7

7:30pm - $5 - Outlook of the Poet + Two Man Movie

9:00pm - $5 - Doppelganger + Cheating On Harold (this week: Standard Oil + Very Good Kiss)

11:00pm - free - The Improv Jam (hosted by Grandma's Ashes)

Thursday 9/8

6:00pm - free - Oh, Hey Guys (storytelling open mic, hosted by John Flynn)

7:30pm - $5 - Adam Wade: BIG HEART

9:00pm - $5 - Totally JK (hosted by Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel)

11:00pm - free - Gutbucket (stand-up open mic, hosted by Rob Stern and Amber Nelson)

Friday 9/9

7:30pm - $10 - Diamond Lion

9:00pm - $10 - Creaghead & Company Industrial Showcase

11:00pm - $5 - Gentrify

Saturday 9/10

7:30pm - $10 - AIRWOLF: Let's Go Back To Your Place

9:00pm - $10 - The Extended Play E.P. Music Album Release Party with TJ Miller

11:00pm - $5 - Underground Americana (w/ Jeff Rubin, Lang Fisher and more)

Sunday 9/11

7:30pm - $5 - Two Fun Men + Off The Cuff

9:00pm - $5 - Hot Soup 11:00pm - $5 - Fresh Out (hosted by Adam Conover)

Monday 9/12

8:00pm - $5 - Wheelhouse (hosted by Will Hines)

10:00pm - $5 - Improv Nerds

Tuesday 9/13

8:00pm - $5 - After Hours with Gene Hackman & Friends

10:00pm - $5 - It Is It (hosted by Adam Lowitt)


Coming This Winter: The PIT Moves to Murray Hill, UCB East Opens Its Doors 

The PIT sent out a surprise announcement via Twitter today:

@ThePIT acquires new theater complex! 10k sq ft, 99+ seat theater, full bar/coffee shop, rehearsal spaces and offices! Follow The Fear!

Where's it gonna be? Sources close to The PIT tell me the theater's new digs will be in Murray Hill -  24th Street between Park and Lexington and they're prepping to open in December 2010. Stuff that in your curry hole.

Hot on the heels of that news, at the UCB Theater's annual press conference to kick off the DCM, 3 of the UCB 4 were on stage taking questions. They revealed the name of their new space--UCB East--a 150 seat theater opening its doors in early 2011 at 3rd and Avenue A.  The collective's current location (UCB West?) will continue to operate as its mainstage for improv, ASSSSCAT is staying put.  They said, "[UCB East is] going to have all different kinds of comedy. The same way this will be heavily improv, that will be heavily standup. You will be able to do things that you can't do in a club in the Midwest." Eat it, stupid Midwest clubs! Something else to potentially get excited about: UCB East will have A Hot Chick's Room.

Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts and Matt Besser at the DCM press conference | Photo: Paul Gale