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The Honey Shot - Channel 101 NY

Rob Hugel in Acting Reel Master Database Ep. 2 | Photo: Dan Opsal

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Chicago Checklist

CJ Toledano and Jeff Garlin | Photo: Anna Knott, courtesy of Time Out Chicago

Current Second City cast members had a chance to interview Second City alum as part of Time Out Chicago's feature on the 50th anniversary of The Second City. Read interviews with Jeff Garlin, Brian Stack, Keegan-Michael Key, Pat O'Brien, Andy Cobb, and Stephanie Weir here.

Also, Brooklyn-based illustrator extraordinaire Jon Keegan ( provided the article's cover image. Keegan is a regular contributor to Time Out Chicago and is a big comedy fan. Get in touch with him if you want your show postcard/poster to truly sing.

* * *

Comedian and Lincoln Lodge favorite Monte made his television debut November 18 with the new segment, "Off the Eatin' Path" on WCIU's morning program, "You & Me This Morning". Watch for new recommendations from Monte every Wednesday on the U, and see what he had to say about Lincoln Square's Pannenkoeken Cafe right here!

And hey, L.A.! Please do make it a point to attend the 2009 Channy Awards this Sunday, December 6, at the legendary Cinespace. CHI expat and golden boy Matt Braunger is set to host this raucous event celebrating all things short and hilarious (of the video variety).

--Kristy Mangel


A Kerfluffle at IKEA

We recently got a chance to chat with comedian Matt Braunger, currently co-starring in the Channel 101 hit IKEA Heights (when not performing on Conan O'Brien or recording a comedy CD), about their latest nefarious shoot in the Burbank, CA IKEA. The cast and crew has managed to pull off five filmed episodes, with a sixth in the works, inside the department store without having anyone arrested (yet). Recently, however, IKEA staff caught on and the crew was kindly escorted out the door. They're going back in, however, and we wait with bated breath to see if they'll be able to again pull off the heist.

Braunger had this to say: "We're shooting in the Burbank locale again. We were escorted out last time by the staff who were talking into their walkie-talkies going, 'It's them. Yeah, from the show--what is it? Yeah, IKEA Heights. Yeah, the guys we have pictures of in the office.'

"There's not only the director, cameraman, and actors who make the show work. There are also about five people who all they do is distract the staff. Basically ask them questions and for help while we shoot in the next room. Shoots take maybe three hours usually. Not a lot of reshoots, obviously.

Spence Strauss writing IKEA Heights | Photo: David Seger"We did one episode that was one huge long shot for the most part. We're all mic-ed. Near the end I handcuff Abed [Gheith] and drag him off-screen. He starts talking: 'Hey, sorry I fucked up that line...' and I had to shush him. Basically, you could hear someone talking while he wasn't on the screen. That one we reshot."

Provided they aren't hauled down to county, the sixth episode will screen at Channel 101, Los Angeles, Saturday, October 24. Watch the previous episodes on the Channel 101 site.

EDITED TO ADD: We just received word that the crew locked down the sixth episode, HOWEVER: "I just got back from taping the Halloween episode, and security walked us out with the admonishment that if we came back we'd be arrested on sight. BUT we got all our shots, so whatever. I've been thrown out of IKEA twice now. Not many people can say that!" said Braunger. WHEW!

--Kristy Mangel


Inside With: Trevor Williams

When Trevor Williams isn't palling around on commercial sets with Regis & Kelly, he can usually be found alongside Adam Newman as one half of the death metal duo Uber Luber, or current Channel 101 faves, The Nice Brothers, or sometimes simply just as Adam & Trevor. Williams has been putting together How I Made it Small, a new work making its theatrical debut at SPANK tonight. We chatted him up before the big show.

What's your story, what are you doing here?

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I moved here for pretty typical reasons: I wanted to be a comedian and hated driving.  I got into comedy in college when I started doing a campus TV show and performing stand up in local bars. I was a big fish in a small pond.  I moved here because I thought there would be a job waiting for me at MTV... instead, I became a busboy. It was a healthy dose of reality. Today, I make a living by doing freelance video editing and--once in a while--getting paid to act in something or do a comedy gig.

How do you know Adam Newman? And why do you guys work together all the time?

Adam and I are roommates and heterosexual comedy life partners. Along with our third roommate, Ed Mundy (an animator for several Adult Swim shows; also from GA) we have a very productive living situation together. The three of us make videos and write comedy on a regular basis.

Just curious, did Uber Luber come from a love for GWAR and thrash metal or are you making fun of it?

That was all Adam. He is obsessed with metal and even does a great stand up bit about it. I guess we are making fun of metal, but then again, I just sort of like doing the silly voices and songs.


I noticed that The Nice Brothers are enjoying a nice run on Channel 101 right now--is this your first hit? Why Channel 101?  Why not just post to YouTube and call it a day?

It's definitely our first web "hit." In college, Ed and I make a closed-circuit TV show and I thought I was G-d's gift to the UGA campus.

We like the competitive nature of Channel 101 and that it has a return audience that knows the characters, so we can continue to take the show in different directions without having to re-explain everything.


It seems like every commercial on TV features an area comedian or performer. Do you see all the same people at casting calls? What is the commercial process like?

I do see quite a few comedians at auditions, which is always intimidating. I always want to be the one non-Shakespearian actor they saw that day, to make their decision easy. The process is so cool and fun and then in a matter of seconds it's over.  You get treated like a real star for one day. They put you up in a nice hotel room. You get a trailer. All that stuff. Then the directors yells, "That's a wrap!" In a matter of seconds, the wardrobe lady comes and takes your shirt from you and, just like that, you're back out on the street like it was all just a dream.

What's How I Made it Small about?

The show is about moving to the city from the South, struggling while trying to make it big, and then realizing one day that you'll go crazy always waiting around for that huge moment, so you celebrate making it "small" instead. The general motif of the show is being interviewed on a popular TV show (you can probably guess which one) - instead of waiting for this to happen for real, I just made it happen for fake. You also get to see some of the genuine nut jobs that I met along the way.