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A Kerfluffle at IKEA

We recently got a chance to chat with comedian Matt Braunger, currently co-starring in the Channel 101 hit IKEA Heights (when not performing on Conan O'Brien or recording a comedy CD), about their latest nefarious shoot in the Burbank, CA IKEA. The cast and crew has managed to pull off five filmed episodes, with a sixth in the works, inside the department store without having anyone arrested (yet). Recently, however, IKEA staff caught on and the crew was kindly escorted out the door. They're going back in, however, and we wait with bated breath to see if they'll be able to again pull off the heist.

Braunger had this to say: "We're shooting in the Burbank locale again. We were escorted out last time by the staff who were talking into their walkie-talkies going, 'It's them. Yeah, from the show--what is it? Yeah, IKEA Heights. Yeah, the guys we have pictures of in the office.'

"There's not only the director, cameraman, and actors who make the show work. There are also about five people who all they do is distract the staff. Basically ask them questions and for help while we shoot in the next room. Shoots take maybe three hours usually. Not a lot of reshoots, obviously.

Spence Strauss writing IKEA Heights | Photo: David Seger"We did one episode that was one huge long shot for the most part. We're all mic-ed. Near the end I handcuff Abed [Gheith] and drag him off-screen. He starts talking: 'Hey, sorry I fucked up that line...' and I had to shush him. Basically, you could hear someone talking while he wasn't on the screen. That one we reshot."

Provided they aren't hauled down to county, the sixth episode will screen at Channel 101, Los Angeles, Saturday, October 24. Watch the previous episodes on the Channel 101 site.

EDITED TO ADD: We just received word that the crew locked down the sixth episode, HOWEVER: "I just got back from taping the Halloween episode, and security walked us out with the admonishment that if we came back we'd be arrested on sight. BUT we got all our shots, so whatever. I've been thrown out of IKEA twice now. Not many people can say that!" said Braunger. WHEW!

--Kristy Mangel