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New Video Wednesday! - Featuring Bobby Tisdale, The Moon and Statutory Jape


Bobby's Pre-Dinner Dinner Show

Here's a new series from Bobby Tisdale and Team Cobra Productions called Bobby's Pre-Dinner Dinner Show. The special FX budget alone on this is a thousand dollars easily.

Bobby's Pre-Dinner Dinner Show Ep. 1 from Bobby Tisdale on Vimeo.


Invite Them Up @ The Bowery Ballroom - 12.14.6

Image Hosted by Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale brought their celebrated friends to The Bowery Ballroom for a year-end Invite Them Up blowout. NOTES --The show was sponsored by, a promising looking broadband network produced by Turner that is launching in January. More info HERE. --Many of the night's performers have stuff in development with SuperDeluxe. --A lucky Random Audience Member was presented a 250 dollar wad of CASH on-stage with the condition that she somehow use that money to make a video for SuperDeluxe. Seconds after being handed the money, she crazily raced through the venue tossing it into the air. --BIG POPS: Reggie Watts on mouthsex, Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler (as Jesus) having a Dirty Dancing moment to "(I've Had) The Time of My Life," and Jon Glaser's wicked heel turn as Jonny Attitude. --Daniel Kitson was SPOTTED enjoying some cotton candy with John Oliver. Anyone know what Kitson is up to here? --John Oliver has never heard of Ween. --Not as big a crowd as last year's show. One blogger is wondering whether the turnout is a measure of a burst comedy bubble. Eugene Mirman gave a starstruck fan an "aneurysm of joy" less than 2 days ago in LA, so we think it has more to do with the promotion than anything else and that the bubble is a-okay. --More pics from the show at the ITU MySpace page. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Gabe Leidman & Jenny Slate do a solid impression of the Indigo Girls 69-ing each other Image Hosted by Jonny Attitude, we thought you were sincere Image Hosted by Paul F. Tompkins

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