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Jon Friedman Clinches World Record For Shortest Talk Show

While most of us were at home preparing crudité platters to wow our friends at Memorial Day barbecues, Jon Friedman was busy staging the Shortest Talk Show in the History of the Universe. He successfully obtained the record at last week's World Record Appreciation Society live event.

They said it couldn't be done, but he did it.


URDB Live @ Joe's Pub - 4.21.10

The Universal Record Database held its friendly and spirited monthly live show at Joe's Pub on Wednesday. A wide variety of astounding records were set, but which will stand the test of time?


--Box office profits and $525 dollars worth of items auctioned during the show were donated to the Boys and Girls High School basketball team of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn who can be seen here setting a URDB record on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last month.

--The MOMENT OF THE EVENING belonged to birthday boy, Paymon Parsia (pictured above), who successfully snagged the Most People To Kiss One Person At The Same Time record. Also in that photo: the hand of Opus Moreschi giving a thumbs up.

--CollegeHumor's Jeff Rubin attempted the record for Most Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition Movie Questions Correctly Answered in 60 Seconds but he was answering them so quickly I think he more accurately set the record for Most Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition Movie Questions Correctly Memorized in 60 Seconds.  Judges??

--Late Night's warm-up comedian, Seth Herzog, was pumped and gunning for The Most Audience Members' First Names Rhymed in 30 Seconds By a Dude in a Wonder Woman Unitard. As the clock started, Seth was immediately derailed like a night train off a scenic bridge when he called on some guy who might as well have been named Orange. This unfortunate opening stumble ate 20 seconds of time, leaving the door wide open for every other man dressed like Wonder Woman to go after Herzog's glory. Stay home, people with names that are hard to rhyme!

--MESOTHELIOMANIA: Joe's Pub's parent company/next door neighbor, The Public Theater, had notices posted on their entrance warning theatergoers that asbestos is going to be removed from the space. Oh good!

Owen Biddle of the legendary Roots crew set the universal record for Jamming With the Most Crybaby Pedals Plugged Into a Bass Guitar... 2!

Humanity Takes Another Giant Leap Forward at the URDB Show Tonight

The Universal Record Database, aka, "The Definitive Site for Human Achievement," is hosting World Record Appreciation Society #13 at Joe's Pub TONIGHT. With records like "Fastest Time For Two People Named Patrick To Name 50 Famous Patricks on St. Patrick's Day" and "Most Bench Presses Of A Live Dog In One Minute" on the line this evening, it's very likely that legends will be made and lifelong dreams will be realized. We checked in real quick with Dan Rollman, the co-founder of and the host of the show.

These records are ridiculous--does anything go for URDB?? Have you ever rejected an idea for a record?

Records must be quantifiable and breakable. We also stay away from adult content. Other than that, anything goes. Creativity is highly encouraged. As long as records follow these criteria, they're generally good to go. We sometimes tweak a bit, but it's a pretty open playing field.

You've got a pretty talented line-up tonight--how does one get booked in the live show?

We welcome any and all people interested in setting a record to get in touch with us. It's easiest to email our Event Manager Evan Altshuler ( We generally set the lineups about a month in advance. Fans are always welcome, and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the records as an audience member. At tonight's show, for example, Colbert Report writer Opus Moreschi will be handing out 100 nose-flutes and leading the record for Largest Nose-Flute Rendition Of "Mary Had A Little Lamb."

So are these only in NYC? Do you have a traveling show in the works? It'd be nice if you went out to the Newport Centre Mall for the people of Jersey City or whatever.

We've also done live events in San Francisco, Chicago and Perth, Australia. A national tour is in development. If you want us to bring the event to your city, get in touch with Evan.