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GIVEAWAY | The State - 'Comedy For Gracious Living' on CD

We haven't done a Friday giveaway in a little while, so here's a good one to bring it back: we've got three copies of The State's lost recording called Comedy For Gracious Living, and we're doling them out to anyone who can follow rules. Win one!

The State premiered on MTV in 1993 and had a successful three-season run, garnering acclaim for its edgy sketches as well as the talented young comedians behind the show. After recording the series finale for MTV in July 1995, the group began working on a prime-time special for CBS called “The State’s 43rd Annual All-Star Halloween Special.”

The Halloween special aired on October 27, 1995, and garnered glowing reviews but, with the aid of little to no promotion by the network, ratings were low so CBS decided to cancel The State’s upcoming New Year’s special. Just months later, The State decamped to the Bahamas, where they spent two weeks in January 1996 recording an album for Warner Bros. Records at Compass Point Studio in Nassau. For reasons unknown, and much to the chagrin of The State’s rabid cult followers, the album remained unreleased for 14 years.
"I heard once that the '80's Latino pop group Menudo used to turn over their members every three years, to keep the group young," says Joe Lo Truglio “Well this album's been marinating for over four Menudos, we're old as hell now,  and 'menudo' means 'soup' which is a dumbass name for a band anyway. Bienvenidos a Gracious Living!"

You can preview Comedy For Gracious Living HERE.


1) Create or RT a Twitter update that says something along the lines of "@theapiary is giving away The State's Comedy For Gracious Living - - I hope I win!"

2) Send that tweet by the end of this weekend, Sunday at MIDNIGHT (9/26).

3) THREE twitterers who successfully do this will be randomly selected to receive a copy! We'll contact you on Monday for your info.


Sneak Peek at Kevin Allison's RISK! Podcast

Kevin Allison's downtown story-telling show, RISK!, is coming to the Internet. It will be available on iTunes starting tomorrow with new episodes slated for download every other week. Waiting for tomorrow is for bozos though; the first edish of RISK! is available right here, now. Starting things off with a bang, this episode's theme is "Strange Sex." Did yall just feel that pun?

Allison says, "Two interesting things have happened with RISK! It's become the crossroads of the comedy and the storytelling communities. A lot of people are making new connections and trying new stuff onstage. Also, because the theme is 'risk,' performers are digging deeper and taking bigger chances for this show."

RISK! runs weekly at Joe's Pub beginning Wednesday, October 14th.