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GIVEAWAY | A pair of tickets to The Paley Center to see Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant

TOMORROW NIGHT at The Paley Center For Media, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant will discuss their new book (Writing Movies For Fun & Profit) and share their winning insider life tips and strategies with the world. We have two pairs of RUSH passes to give away. Hurry! Here are the details:

Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon made their names with such fresh, innovative television comedies as MTV’s beloved cult sketch show The State and Comedy Central’s uproarious Reno 911! They have also written successful screenplays—including the likes of Herbie: Fully LoadedThe PacifierBalls of Fury, and the Night at the Museum films—which have grossed in excess of one billion dollars. Expanding on their new guide about their time in the Tinseltown trenches (Writing Movies for Fun and Profit) Garant and Lennon will hold forth on the process of mainstream Hollywood screenwriting…and earning scads of dough.

TICKETS/INFO: Writing Movies For Fun & Profit: Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant @ The Paley Center - 7/13

Writing Movies For Fun and Profit from Thomas Lennon


1) "LIKE" this page on Facebook then shoot us a quick email with "Paley Center Tickets" in the subject line.

2) Do this by noon tomorrow (7/13).

Two winners will be selected at random--we'll reach out to you tomorrow around 12:30PM if you're one of them!


Upcoming: Women and Late Night Television at The Paley Center for Media

It used to be that whenever ladies would congregate in groups of 5 or more, they were doing it to sell each other Avon products. But times are rapidly changing: now they're being invited to The Paley Center to gab about what it's like to work in late night TV. Of all things!

Women and Late Night Television

Thursday, May 13, 2010 6:30 pm ET

New York

In Person:

Ann Cohen

Jill Goodwin

Hallie Haglund

Morgan Murphy

Meredith Scardino

Moderator: Allison Silverman Late night talk shows have dominated water-cooler conversation recently, but most of the conversation has centered on the male ego. Bill Carter of the New York Times has pointed out that very few women make it inside the writing rooms for late-night television hosts, despite that women make up a larger proportion of their audience than men. This event will examine the legacy of women who have contributed to the late night genre, as well as the challenges of increasing representation. The event is cosponsored with the Writers Guild of America, East.

Apiary readers will get $5 dollars off if you buy tickets online and use discount code: WOMEN


A Potentially Regrettable Evening with The Daily Show Writers @ The Paley Center - 11.7.8 - By: Sharilyn Johnson

Image Hosted by L-R: Jason Ross, John Oliver, Adam Lowitt, Rob Kutner, DJ Javerbaum, and moderator David Remnick For a group of men forced to watch CNN as much these guys, you'd expect to catch at least a faint whiff of broken spirits coming off the Daily Show's creative team. Not so in the case of producers DJ Javerbaum, Rory Albanese, and Adam Lowitt; writers Tim Carvell, J.R. Havlan, Rob Kutner, Jason Ross, and Steve Bodow; and correspondent/writers Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver. Perhaps it was just the relief of the election being over, but at this potentially regrettable evening at the Paley Center, the discussion showed no signs of world-weariness. Just a bunch of guys acting very much like a bunch of comedy writers: hilarious, remarkably quick, and making us wonder if science is any closer to perfecting Jeff Goldblum's telepod so we can spend our lives hanging out on the writers' room wall. Among the clips presented was John Oliver's piece from the DNC, previously discussed by Samantha Bee at the New Yorker Festival. Oliver's discomfort was apparent while he watched himself chant "Osama" amid a group of Obama supporters, and afterwards he confirmed the difficulty of experiencing a real moment of history with the sole purpose of undermining it. "You have to remember why you're there, and sort of man up a bit," he said. If you want to be on The Daily Show, just be yourself. Albanese scouted Cenac at a Los Angeles audition, and was taken by how strongly his personality came through. He said that too many people come into a Daily Show audition trying to play a slick newscaster. Cenac's first aired piece was one he'd written up as part of the hiring process. The line that got the Daily Show folks excited? "I'm bored."

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