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Mike Myers Debuts a New Act with The Modern Weepers

Fred Armisen and Mike Myers are The Modern Weepers | Photos via BrooklynVegan

BrooklynVegan whipped its readers into an incensed frenzy, pumping speculation on the people behind an unknown band performing a sold out show at the Mercury Lounge last weekend called The Modern Weepers. As it turned out, The Modern Weepers were none other than Mike Myers and Fred Armisen trying out a brand new act. Spike Jonze was apparently at the show to film it all, which tells me this is just the tip of the iceberg. One BV commenter intuits:

If Spike Jonze was filming this, I doubt it was just a one-off thing. I mean, it probably is one-off in the sense that there likely won't be a tour (at least not right now), but not a one-off in that this probably isn't the first we will hear of Modern Weepers. If I had to guess, it seems like they're testing the waters for a new schtick (aka Austin Powers, Love Guru, etc) that they can use in a future film or other project.

It's good to see Myers back on the scene!