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The Jukebox @ Union Hall - 10.3.11

Steve Jacobs and Steve Heisler are the infectious hosts of The Jukebox, an immensely fun comedic storytelling series punctuated with epic karaoke performances. 


--Dressed in personalized t-shirts from Steve Heisler's bar mitzvah, Steve and Steve kicked off the show with a lusty take on Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You." Each edition of The Jukebox has a theme, and this one's was The 90's, thus giving the whole evening a Mortified + songs kind of vibe.

--The Jukebox format goes like this: performer tells a story > performer sings song related to that story > audience either laughs, laughs and sings along, OR waits patiently for the performer to finish.

--Chipper Eugene Mirman Festival producer, Caroline Creaghead, picked apart her sad tween journal to tell a tale of unrequited puppy love, finishing with "Don't Speak." Does Caroline know Perfect Pitch? She simply must audition for the X-Factor. Not the TV show--the mutant superhero team because of her singing powers! 

--The show was supposed to feature Mike Doughty from the seminal '90s band Soul Coughing, but Doughty choked at the last minute citing a sudden illness OR WHATEVER.  It didn't matter because his replacement, Andy Ross, fucking slaughtered everyone with a slow-build story about the day he called upon his thoroughly terrified teenage crush to come on stage and sing the female part of "I'm Having the Time of My Life" at his middle school talent show. As he did back then, he sang to us BOTH parts of the song alone, going between a room-shaking baritone to the kind of falsetto last heard in the movie White Chicks

--The next edition of The Jukebox is 11/29. If you can't wait that long to watch people brilliantly nail and/or butcher your favorite songs live, Celebrity Duets makes its promising debut at Union Hall TOMORROW NIGHT. Or I guess you can go see Rock of Ages.  There's always that.