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25 Comedians Walk Into a Softball Game... | All photos: Sean TaylorBy: Sean Taylor

Funnyball, a softball league comprising comedians from around New York City, held its inaugural "Dog Days of Summer Classic" this past weekend pitting students, performers and staff from the UCB and Magnet theaters against each other.

After nine innings, the Magnet held the 13 to 9 advantage but, it was clear, everyone wins in Funnyball!

Team captains Quinton Loder and Achilles Stamatelaky
In a game featuring an infinite number of nicknames, "glove buddies," and scouting reports based on "batting gloves!" or "no batting gloves!" the level of skill was surprisingly high. Highlighted by great catches by MVP Jamaal Sedayao and Domenico Manzolillo, this game epitomized the motto of the league, "Funny people, serious softball...but not THAT serious!"
I created and serve as Funnyball commissioner, and contrary to its name, Funnyball is a place off stage where comedians can take a timeout from being "funny." Soaking up the sun on Saturday afternoons in Central Park with no expectations and no audience is a far cry from the nightly leave-'em-laughing mentality of the New York comedy scene.
But, I admit, in a sport where terms like "shagging," "balls,"  and "switchhitter" are commonplace, a certain level of comedy is inevitable.
After the dust settled, team captains Achilles Stamatelaky (UCBT) and Quinton Loder (Magnet) led their respective teams to the bar for some post-game drinks, a symbolic christening of the first ever Dog Days of Summer Classic.
Team UCBTeam Magnet Theater
  • See more photos from the game here.
--Sean Taylor is comedian, writer and talk-show host. You can see him improvise weekly with Junior Varsity at The Magnet Theater. Here is his Web site.