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Paul Brittain & Shelly Gossman | Photo: Keith Huang | See the full set--SETTLERS OF CHICAGO: Comiskey, an improv ensemble made up of the fresh wave of Chicago writers and performers at SNL, did their first show last night at the UCBT.  Vanessa Bayer (effervescent!), Paul Brittain (unassuming!), Shelly Gossman (possibly a clone!), Michael Patrick O'Brien (smartest guy in the room!) and special guest John Lutz (good as always!) filled the house and delivered for all the curiosity seekers, improv fans and industry in attendance. A lot of taped off seats for this one too. Hope to see more of Comiskey.

--Speaking of Shelly Gossman, if she ever wants to extend her career options, she should take night classes at an area stuntman school and then read Variety very closely for news that Mission Impossible: 4 (still in production) has cast Tina Fey as a special agent who can do cool motorcycle tricks, then Shelly should email the director of this film with a subject line like "I AM THE TINA FEY STUNT DOUBLE YOU SEEK - Photos attached" and then wait for the phone to ring. Her resemblance to Tina is crazy. Dollars to donuts she's written into 30 Rock somehow with this in mind.

--While we're on the topic of 30 Rock, the NY Times chatted with their showrunner, Robert Carlock, about this week's LIVE episode.

--I got a short email the other day from Robert Schimmel's daughter saying quote, "i am trying to help fundraise for my dad please send this along." She included a link to a site where you can donate money. This seemed a bit unusual since it's uncommon for family members to go around asking for money once someone's deceased. If it were a charity, then that's a different story... but this isn't a charity per se.  Anyways, The Comic's Comic got the same email apparently and he dug a little deeper to find there's a family feud happening over this "fundraising."

--The girls of Broad City went on a date night.  Watch all the way to the end to see if they get pounded out.

--John Milhiser recently put his LAVISH GREENPOINT BASEMENT on the rental market. Only 900 dollars, private bathroom included!

--NEWLYWEDS: Zak Orth and Kat Schaufelberger were married this weekend at the Gramercy Park Hotel. The guest list included: Andrea Rosen, John Gemberling, Shonali Bhowmik, Late Night writers A.D. Miles and Bobby Tisdale, Leo Allen and Jon Glaser.

--ANT FEST, Ars Nova's 5-week assault of new and emerging works begins October 18th.

--Wyatt Cenac was named to The Root 100, a list of emerging and established African-American leaders who are making positive and powerful waves in society.

--FINALLY: Don't forget to watch the premiere of Nick Swardson's Pretend Time TONIGHT on Comedy Central. I nearly spit out my soup today during lunch watching this sketch from the show.

Nick Swardson's Pretend Time Tuesdays 10pm / 9c
Preview - Wheelchair Cat

New Gigs: Shelly Gossman to Write for SNL

According to Time Out Chicago, Second City Mainstage star Shelly Gossman has been hired to write for SNL. Lorne Michaels and Michael Patrick O'Brien were scouting in Chicago last weekend and after watching the Saturday night revue, SPOILER ALERT: Everybody Dies, they offered Shelly the gig. Gossman, who looks uncannily like Tina Fey, has auditioned twice for SNL in the past.

--Via Live From New York Blog