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"Legend In My Own Mind" | The Stepkids

Written & Directed By Tom Scharpling
Murderfist - 12 Hour Show | Murderfist

Directed by Adam Wirtz
The Fluffer | Dan St. Germain

Directed by Adam Wirtz


Internet Chatting With: Murderfist

I was obsessively checking my gmail today, minding my own business when someone from the loud and extremely hirsute sketch group Murderfist reminded me of their marathon of madness happening this Saturday.

Mr. Murderfist:  Hello Apiary
Me:  Hey Murderfist!
Mr. Murderfist:  I am just gonna send ya'll this link.
Me:  Ah yes. I think i'm going!
Mr. Murderfist:  You know that you have to.
Me:  I had planned on it. And it's free??
Mr. Murderfist:  Yes sir/maam
Me:  U really have 12 hours worth of sketches memorized in your heads?
Mr. Murderfist:  We got it. It won't be the prettiest thing, but we'll kick this pig.
Me:  Are The Cowmen going to perform?
Mr. Murderfist:  No. They are separate from Murderfist.
Me:  Oh ok
Mr. Murderfist:  We are doing a full set of Tallahassee material. Never seen in NYC.
Mr. Murderfist:  Then our last hour is all closing material. It's gonna be a big sloppy time.
Me:  Yeah... I was just thinking that.
Mr. Murderfist:  Going all out with the blood and mess the whole show. I acquired two gallons of karo syrup.
Mr. Murderfist:  There will be none left.
Me:  Should audience members bring ponchos?
Mr. Murderfist:  Nah, just blind folds.


I got this in my inbox late last night. And I haven't stopped feeling warm and fuzzy since. But that could be 'cause I'm rolling like a mugg, yall....

To our dearest friends,

If there is any time of year to set aside the normal rhetoric of sarcasm and fakery it is the yuletide season. All of Murderfist is writing to say a sincere and grateful Happy Holidays to all of those who touched our lives this year. All joking aside, you are one of the reasons why we know we have a loving God in Heaven above and that is why you are receiving this e-mail. 2,010 years ago Jesus was born in a humble manger, barely protected from the wild winter seasons of Israel. His father, a lowly sand farmer, his mother, a bewildered virgin, knew this day would be a blessed one. And when the boy they called Jesus was born, the tiny babe, with eyes so full of understanding and preternatural sympathy, pointed towards his mothers breast and gave her first milk to a hungry lamb.

It is in this mindset that we made the following Video Media Christmas Card! It is best to be enjoyed with a glass of eggnog and a light heart knowing that our loved ones are safe and warm during this blessed Christmas season!  And FYI the children's choir featured in the video is the New Orleans Katrina Relief Christmas Choir who allowed us to feature their beautiful smiles in our small Christmas tale. Gather the family around a warm computer (how times have changed!) and watch our video that we made!


SketchfestNYC 2010 - Hitting Up Murderfist

Matt Fried hangs out backstage with the mob of Murderfist; the hirsute megagroup is packing an all new show this year and they came ready to party hard.

SketchFestNYC continues today and tomorrow at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Everything you need to know about who's playing and how to get tickets can be found here.


The Honey Shot

Dan McNamara and Pat Byrne | Photo: Jersey Journal

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