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Comings / Goings: Michelle Collins to LA, Steve Heisler to NY

Everyone is coming and going! Look who's heading somewhere now.

GOING: Michelle Collins, the longtime editor of Best Week Ever, twittered several hours after the breaking the news on Facebook:

I'm moving to LA on Saturday. #seriously

Noooooo, why?? What will happen to BWE? What's in LA, really? Won't she stay and teach that Learning Annex class I've petitioned for? I asked Michelle for details and she gave me this EXCLUSIVE quote: "Stay tuned."

COMING: Steve Heisler comes to NYC from the land of Oprah where he served as comedy editor for Time Out Chicago, a contributor for The Onion AV Club, and a production associate of some sort on Just For Laughs Chicago. After unpacking his Super Scope 6, he then picked up his mobile Twitter device and typed:

Hey, so, I live in New York now. It just hit me. Stuff and things.