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Portrait of a Comedian: Featuring Michael Che

A new episode of Portrait of a Comedian--a bi-weekly show on Breakthru Radio featuring some of the top comedians in New York City--is available now.

It’s the dawn of a new age at PoaC. In response to feedback from the listeners, we are now devoting each episode to just one comedian, complete with more in-depth interviews and longer performances. And for this first one, we’ve picked the right man for the job, Michael Che! Michael is a native New Yorker and relative newcomer to the scene who has already gained the respect and admiration of many of the comedians and audiences around the city. Tune in to hear him talk about growing up in the Lower East Side projects, cupcake shops as gentrification flags, and the bit that got him in some hot water with some fellow comedians. The name of the bit? Ferbles. Now you gotta listen.



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