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MEATSTEAK is Dead @ Webster Hall - 4.19.11

Resistance Dan prepares Robert and Danny for their decension into hell.In MEATSTEAK is Dead--a raucous road comedy for the stage--a drug deal gone bad gets the MEATSTEAK gang (Robert Dean, Nick Maritato, Danny Solomon, and Neil Stastny) killed, sending them in pairs bound for heaven and hell. After discovering that both are shitty places to live for all eternity, Danny and Robert take the next stairway out of heaven and go on a quest to spring Nick and Neil from the underworld and kick in the devil's dick, culminating (naturally) in a Crossroads-style singing battle for everybody's souls.

Not knowing how to use a pen won't get Nick out of his eternal punishment: office work!

Nate Fernald and Steve O'Brien, as the devil and God respectively