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Milhiser Paints The Upright Citizens Brigade

Apiary pal John Milhiser (Serious Lunch) sent us a pic of his paintings of The Upright Citizens Brigade. "I did them 2 years apart. Finished the one on the left just in time for DCM." Nice work, John! Are you a multi-talented comedy-type, too? Then send me your skillz.


The Honey Shot - Stampede

Billy Keenly and John Milhiser

  • THE PLUG: Don't miss "Stampede" (feat. Starlee Kine, Brent Sullivan, Rob O'Reilly, Barry Rothbar, Leslie Meisel, Illana Glazer, Thomas LaRochelle and a sketch by the Dan Ryan), happening TONIGHT @ 7PM at The Cove (108 N. 6th Street, Brooklyn) | Free

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The Honey Shot

John Milhiser, Ellie Kemper, Hope Davis, Tim Bierbaum, Anthony Miale and Bob Officer (kneeling) | Photo: Edmond Hawkins

  • THE PLUG: Don't miss John Milhiser's "No Time to Kill" and Serious Lunch, performing TONIGHT @ 8PM at The PIT | $5

Wanna plug? E-mail me photo & credit. And join our flickr group. Send 10 days in advance.


Ask For It By Name: John Milhiser for Citibank

I have plenty of friends who've been screwed over by Shittybank; though in all fairness, I personally haven't had any problems. That said, I bet if I scraped the surface I'd find that Shittybank -- and All the Other Big Fucked Up Banks -- have been deducting one penny from my direct-deposit paychecks like in Superman III. But thanks to John Milhiser (Serious Lunch), for helping me to forget for a moment that I'm supposed to hate Shittybank And All the Other Big Fucked Up Banks right now. So it goes without saying that Milhiser's various demonstrations of "awesome" in this Citibank-Rose Bowl promotional are, well ... awesome., it doesn't help that I saw this today.

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