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Ask For It By Name: Jacob Hawkins and Pat Shepherd for Dunkin' Donuts

My friend Jacob Hawkins told me the producers gave him real iced coffee to drink in this ad. So by the 20th take, he was struggling to keep his shit together. Literally. But that's pretty accurate because whenever I squeeze myself into a corner-window spot at a Dunkin' Donuts, eat two Boston Creams and polish off a medium coffee,  I feel like I can do anything, like find a new job, clean my room and not use the non-existent Dunkin' Donuts bathroom. Unfortunately, that feeling lasts for about two minutes before it's replaced with bottom-scraping self-pity. My other friend, Pat Shepherd (The Baldwins, Threat), who drinks the energy drink, is great because he plays the "Oh, Yeah? Well..." guy perfectly. Add the backwards baseball cap, longsleeve-under-shortsleeve combo and you've got two gym rats in jeans and khakis watching a pickup game. Wait, what?

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