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Season 5 of Impress These Apes Ready To Rock Chicago

Chad Briggs | All photos by: Elizabeth McQuern

By: Elizabeth McQuern

TONIGHT, Chicago-based comedy powerhouse Blewt Productions is bringing Season Five of its 8 week talent contest Impress These Apes back to ComedySportz Theater (929 W. Belmont).

Called "Hands down the best comedy show in Chicago" by the Chicago Tribune (and described by Season Two Apes winner Kristen Studard as "the best and worst 8 weeks of my life"), Apes once again burdens 8 puny humans with the fate of all mankind, as they struggle with challenging weekly performances under the cruel gaze of their judges, three superintelligent apes from the future.

The Season Five cast includes Clare Kelly, Otis Fine, Chloe Ditzel, Rob Anderson, Alisa Rosenthal, Neil Arsenty, Dyan Flores, and Jamie Campbell, who are each sure to find their own special brand of hell during the 8 weeks of challenges like "stand-up with a puppet," "horror movie," and "interpretive dance" (from seasons past).

At the conclusion of last season, former Bastion editor Elizabeth McQuern chatted with freshly-minted Season 4 winner, Chad Briggs, as well the fearsome Apes themselves, one of whom admitted he could probably never hack it as a contestant himself.

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Chicago Checklist

Photo by Elizabeth McQuern

Season Four of Impress These Apes started last week, and all of Chicago's comedy glitterati were there. This season offers the technological magic of live Web streaming, for those housebound and down. Watch all the contestant video clips online the day after, on the show's Web site.

Cameron Esposito, comic and editor of the pretty-new-and-already-bangin' blog Chilarious, got to chat with Marc Maron recently.

Speaking of bangin' blogs, The Daily Blank, a satire e-zine out of Chicago, began about five months ago and has been regularly churning out hilarious bits and baubles from some of Chicago's finest comedy writers. Check it out, and submit your own fine piece!

Chicago expat and general comedy superstar Matt Braunger is still slingin' his Comedy Central record, "Soak Up the Night", now in person and on vinyl!

Stand-up comic and Internet radio personality Sean Flannery wrote up a story about mistaken age identification that caused at least one person* to almost choke and die whilst eating grocery store sushi recently.

Former Bastion editor-cum-video editor virtuoso Elizabeth McQuern caught the Onion's Editor-in-Chief Joe Randazzo in digital format when he performed stand-up at Chicago Underground Comedy recently (of which McQuern is also a co-producer):

*--Kristy Mangel