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Ding Dong Meow: The Andrea Rosen Show @ The UCBT - 3.23.11

 To a packed house at The UCBT Wednesday night, Andrea Rosen performed Ding Dong Meow, her first one-person show about "saying and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, and then telling everyone about it on stage."


--The premise of the show--hilariously explained at the top with a voiceover from John Gemberling as God--was that every time a ding, dong, or meow sound occurred, Andrea would do something different on stage like tell a true story, do a character, or read a letter she has written to a corporation.

--One of her stories was about how she went on a date with a guy named Gary even though Garys aren't her thing, saying that Garys typically have eyes that are too close together and "tiny lips like paper cuts." Which is true! I know one Gary and that's pretty accurate.

--In a letter she wrote to the Friendly's restaurant chain, Andrea read about the time she ingested a cheese sandwich from there that irritated her bowels so badly, she accidentally diarrhea-d on her boyfriend later that evening.

--This reminded me of the time I ran into Andrea on the subway a few years ago and she mentioned she got a serious case of the runs after eating at Bonnie's Grill in Park Slope. Since two is a trend, it's the belief of this publication that Andrea is constantly spewing diarrhea from her butthole and all restaurants should proactively ban her for life for fear of tainting their good names.

--Ding Dong Meow was 1 of precisely 2 shows listed in the Comedy section of New York Magazine last week. In comparison, the Kids section had 10 listings... and kids can't even read!

--Were my eyes tricking me or was Barbara Walters sitting in the front row at the show? My guess is that Barbara probably falls asleep right after Wheel of Fortune so this was probably too late for her to be out. However, the following folks were definitely SPOTTED in the crowd: Livia Scott, TimeOut's Matt Love, Arthur Meyer from Two Fun Men, and Serious Lunch's Anthony Miale.

Ding Dong Meow continues its run into April with shows on 4/6 and 4/13 at 8PM at The UCBT. See it!