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Daily Show Correspondents Are Useless Technology

If I was running an ad agency and I had absolutely no ideas at all and I was freaking out because I'm supposed to be on a conference call with T-Mobile in 10 minutes to present my recommendations for a national ad campaign, HERE'S MY BIG IDEA: Let's uhhh, leverage the I'm a Mac/I'm a PC ads and let's uhhh, find some other Daily Show correspondent be one of the technological stand-ins.  As you can see in the commercials here, Daily Show reporter Dan Bakkedahl moonlights as an AT&T 3G network in these new T-mobile ads.

This is just the beginning too! Look for Daily Show correspondents to be the personification of other useless technological stuff in the near future such as desktop computers, buggy software upgrades, Palm Pilots, 56K modems, Blaupunkt car stereos, 3-way cable splitters, Curtis Mathes LaserDisc players,, Sega Dreamcast VMUs and much, much more.