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Andy Kaufman Semi-Finalists of the CHI Variety Get Word

Word has been trickling in to the Chicago-bred semi-finalists invited to perform in this year's Andy Kaufman Award Show. The contestants will be performing Tuesday, November 3, at the lauded Caroline's comedy club in NYC. Al Parinello, executive director of the awards, said of Chicago, "This is an excellent showing, placing second to NY and far ahead of all other geographical areas." A big congratulations to the following folks: Ken Barnard, Robert Buscemi, Michael Lehrer, Shawn Cole, Sarah King, and Steve Gadlin and Paul Luikart as the characters Sasha & the Noob. You can watch all the contestant video entries here.

--Kristy Mangel


Brent Weinbach Opens 10th Season of Chicago's Lincoln Lodge

Photo: Seth OlenickThe Lincoln Lodge, Chicago’s longest running stand-up and variety showcase, begins its 10th season this Thursday, October 1. To kick off the season, they will be welcoming alt king Brent Weinbach, performing Thursday. A few CHI comics interrogated Weinbach in anticipation for his visit to the ol’ pancake house.

CHI expat and current Saturday Night Live writer Hannibal Buress would like you to name your three least favorite Mongolian people, and also wonders: "Camel milk or llama milk?"

BW: My three least favorite Mongolians are Paris Hilton because she's a bad role model for young girls, this guy named Larry because he's really sleazy trying to hit on me every Thursday at Gold's Gym, and Ike from What's Love Got To Do With It because he's the main villain in that movie. You don't think these people are Mongolian? They are indeed Mongolian. We are all Mongolian, deep down inside. Also, I pick camel milk, because I like the way camels look. They seem like good ol' boys. I want to drink the milk of a good ol' boy.

Stand-up comic Adam Burke, also performing at the Lincoln Lodge Thursday, wants to know your thoughts on the following: "Brent, you're the recipient of an Andy Kaufman award. Wouldn't it have been more Kaufmanesque if Andy Kaufman had won it?"

BW: Perhaps Andy Kaufman did win the award. Perhaps he faked his death and Brent Weinbach is another one of his characters. I'm not going to say for sure, because I don't want to give anything away. But more likely, R. Kelly is actually Andy Kaufman. R. Kelly is so funny and hilarious. Andy Kaufman faked his death and created the character R. Kelly for comedic purposes.

Stand-up comic, screenwriter, and co-producer of Chicago Underground Comedy Dan Telfer presents to you the following scenario: "If the United Nations sent a limo to your house, took you to a remote location blindfolded, sat you down, and asked you if you would go on a secret mission to fuck the moon... like, use its surface as frictional material to achieve climax.... would you accept? For America?"

BW: If I had sex with the moon, would I still be considered a virgin? Also, what if the moon has germs? What if the moon gave me a disease and my penis turned into cheese and it had holes in it and a mouse was going to bite it off? Once, I had a dream that this circus guy showed an audience a cute little mouse getting a boner and ejaculating. The semen got all over the mouse and turned it into a mutated rat. It was a wet dream. I was the mouse. These are the kinds of dreams that virgins who don't masturbate have.

Lincoln Lodge cast member Paul Sigwerth would like to compare notes on the following: "How many Pee Wee Herman impressions does it take to empty a room in Dubuque, Iowa?"

BW: When I was younger, I thought Pee Wee Herman was corny and I didn't watch Pee Wee's Playhouse. But when I got older, I watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure and I really liked it and now I want to see Pee Wee's Playhouse because I think I might like it at this stage in my life. I never thought Pee Wee Herman was gay, but recently, my friend kept telling me he was gay, and I saw this interview with Pee Wee live, and now I think that maybe he's gay.

And finally, stand-up comic and Blewt! member Bryan Bowden is curious, "Which of the following are you too sexy for: shirt, Milan, car, hat, or love?"

BW: I'm not too sexy for Milan, but I am too sexy for Disney's Mulan. In fact, I've been too sexy for anything that came out after Aladdin. But my favorite Disney animated film, that is, the one I'm the most not sexy for, is Pinocchio. I really identify with Pinocchio because it's about going through puberty and horrors of a changing body. Also, once, I saw this older Filipino woman wearing a shirt that read, "I'm too sexy for this shirt. Not!"

Brent Weinbach headlines The Lincoln Lodge, 4008 N. Lincoln, Chicago, on Thursday, October 1, 9 p.m. Natasha Leggero (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Chelsea Lately) headlines Friday, October 2, 9 p.m. Tickets $13 at the door or online. Reservations highly recommended.

--Kristy Mangel


Chicago Checklist

Photo by Elizabeth McQuern

Season Four of Impress These Apes started last week, and all of Chicago's comedy glitterati were there. This season offers the technological magic of live Web streaming, for those housebound and down. Watch all the contestant video clips online the day after, on the show's Web site.

Cameron Esposito, comic and editor of the pretty-new-and-already-bangin' blog Chilarious, got to chat with Marc Maron recently.

Speaking of bangin' blogs, The Daily Blank, a satire e-zine out of Chicago, began about five months ago and has been regularly churning out hilarious bits and baubles from some of Chicago's finest comedy writers. Check it out, and submit your own fine piece!

Chicago expat and general comedy superstar Matt Braunger is still slingin' his Comedy Central record, "Soak Up the Night", now in person and on vinyl!

Stand-up comic and Internet radio personality Sean Flannery wrote up a story about mistaken age identification that caused at least one person* to almost choke and die whilst eating grocery store sushi recently.

Former Bastion editor-cum-video editor virtuoso Elizabeth McQuern caught the Onion's Editor-in-Chief Joe Randazzo in digital format when he performed stand-up at Chicago Underground Comedy recently (of which McQuern is also a co-producer):

*--Kristy Mangel

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