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Abe Lincoln and a T-Rex Are In Motherfunkin' Space!

We nominate standup comic Brandie Posey for Best Day Job Ever. Not only does she get to do social media work for a company that is dedicated to working with nonprofits throughout the country, but they ALSO recently pimped her car out in a very serious way. Behold:

“I seriously can't stop smiling like an idiot. IT'S SO AMAZING!!!! Tomorrow, a fire breathing Brendan Fraser will be on the other side.”

As Brandie says: “I'm a social media coordinator for this program called Scion x-CHANGE ( We go to 30 cities across America and team up with an art nonprofits in those cities -- for every test drive completed, $10 can be donated to that nonprofit, so we're funding materials, after school programs for kids, and bringing art education to the underprivileged. In each city, we're also partnering with an artist to create live art at our events.”

But wait, exactly HOW did Abe Lincoln and a T-REX get on the side of your car?

“In Los Angeles, we teamed with artist Raul Gonzalez of the Ultra Violet Social Club, for the live art event. I told him he could paint my car if he wanted to. He asked what, and I said, ‘how about Abe Lincoln and a T-Rex space fighting?’ He's got more work today and Thursday, but we’re raising a nice chunk of change for Art Share LA.”

--Kristy Mangel


Becoming Queen; or, the Survival of a Late Night Talk Show Ticket Line

...From this point on, no one bothered to learn anybody’s names… we referred to each other as numbers all night. Even now I don’t think anyone knows who I really am - I’m #10 to all of them. Or, to #24 I am “The Timekeeper”. #24 was a guy who fell very much into the “fan fan” category of people… he came out to be in line with only a hoodie on and a handful of trashbags that he wore over it. No chair, no umbrella, no friends. As soon as I had finished numbering hands and given the sharpie away, he ran up to me and thanked me for devising “The Number System”.

“No problem! It’s not really a system though.”

“No, it is a system. You just established order on all of these people. And I am going to enforce it.”

Yep. That happened. If I was the Queen, I guess I had a General. The Enforcer AKA #24 AKA Jack Bauer… didn’t dude know we were going to see an NBC show? Crazy part is, within half an hour, he had A DEPUTY policing underneath him - #17. He wore a trashbag too. Uniforms. I felt like Piggy and that blue sharpie was my conch. Only difference, no one was going to borrow MY glasses to make fire.

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