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Abbi Crutchfield | Photo: Living Room Comedy

  • THE PLUG: Don't miss Abbi's one-woman show, "Not Getting It: Rejection and Resilient Ignorance," happening TONIGHT @ 6:30PM at UCBT-NY | $5
  • THE BLURB: "On a quest to salvage her ratings, life coach-turned-TV personality Dr. Newberry invites her viewers to participate in a slogan writing contest. The responses range from death threats to epithets and she couldn't be more honored."

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Abbi Crutchfield & Andrew "Soce" Singer host "Positively Awesome" | Photo: Amiessence Fine Arts

By: Abbi Crutchfield & Andrew Singer

Leave it to Abbi Crutchfield and Andrew Singer to come up with "Positively Awesome," quite possibly the most host-friendly comedy showcase in the five boroughs, or at the very least, in the Lower East Side. Their showcase has quickly gained traction among the city's Funny Illuminati, if only because the co-hosts share less than one degree of separation with nearly every living, breathing comic in the tri-state area. The next installment of Positively Awesome is next Tuesday, and to beat the drum, Abbi and Andrew -- both longtime Apiary contributors -- lofted some softballs to each other.

ANDREW: Performers and audience have mentioned how posh and unusual the room is. Should a comedy show be in such a fancy space?

ABBI: Cellar 58 is a swanky wine bar that I thought would attract an audience of balding intellectuals who wear leather shoes. Instead it has drawn balding intellectuals who wear hooded sweatshirts. The unique look of the low-lit room from its walls covered in cork collages and wine bottles to its glass door backdrop inspires comics to riff on the décor, which I love. It’s sexy and sophisticated, like a Diane Lane movie.

ANDREW: How would you address the rumors that we are dating?

ABBI: You love women the way I love IKEA. I appreciate that it exists but I’m never gonna go there. I like that you’re out and people still think we’re a couple. Confusion may come from the fact that I produce The Living Room Show with my husband Luke Thayer who is also a comedian. And who is also hit on by men.

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