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The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien Gets Axed Again and Again

It's sounding like the writing staff of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien won't be having its DAY OF REFUDIATION on TV at the Emmys next month.  After learning some unsettling and mysterious news, Team Coco's Deon Cole vented his frustrations on Twitter last night:

@deoncole: UNBELIEVABLE! NBC has did it to us again!!! details soon. wow! stay tune.

What'd NBC do?? Deon quickly deleted the tweet and covered his butt:

@deoncole: SORRY! "not NBC" but someone with power has kicked us in the nuts again! the more i know the more u will. stay tune. wow, unbelievable!

Tell me tell me! And then he added some follow up details:

@deoncole: NOT "NBC" but the powers that be has sent us an email saying that the category we are nominated for will not be televised this year! really?
@deoncole: i hear that there will b a meeting about it. stay tune to find out what happens, until then i'm going 2 drink, alot! my first nom. shit!

What's going down? Will the super shady nut kicking powers that be have the last laugh? Will Team Coco come out on top? It's not clear whether he's talking about the nomination for "BEST WRITING FOR A VARIETY, MUSIC OR COMEDY SERIES" or "BEST VARIETY, MUSIC, OR COMEDY SERIES." Whatever the case, it's too bad they're not up for the award for "BEST DRAMA FOR THE BEST WRITING FOR A VARIETY, MUSIC, OR COMEDY SERIES."

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