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SNL Items leading up to the Season Finale

Item! Anyone know where the after party is tonight? The info we have is strictly hearsay...

Item! Also, anyone care to make official predictions on who will NOT be returning in the fall?

Here are ours:
Tina Fey - Preggers
Chris Parnell - Has a pilot that was picked up
Finesse Mitchell - Hasn't seemed to find his niche

Item! The Apiary also has two exclusive inside accounts of last week's Dress Rehearsal featuring Will Ferrell. One sent in by Sara Fox, aka the girl The Apiary spoke with who was dead-last in the stand-by line, and another by SNL superfan Lauren, who is the webmaster of

Read their FULL ACCOUNTS of the 5/14/05 SNL Dress Rehearsal after the hump.
By Sara Fox
We probably wouldn't have gotten in if we had chosen to attend the live show over the dress rehearsal. At first they took 20 stand-bys in and then took 20 more at the last minute. When we got up there Darrell Hammond was doing a standup routine to warm us up... and to me at least, he seemed sort of drunk, which is odd because didn't he go to rehab??? Not trying to start rumors...just an observation.

They cut out a GREAT fake commercial that was in the poorest of taste. It was for Mexican beef for Tacos or something and when you ate it you magically turned into a mexican cleaning woman or a sleepy mexican janitor, etc.... I knew that would NEVER get on the air.

It was awesome to see Lorne pacing around, suprisingly looking stressed. Seeing Will raced around to all of his costume changes was pretty cool.

Watching the hired extras standing around waiting for their cue trying to be noticed and acknowledged by the director was also very funny.

There was an update piece with Horatio as Gene Shalit reviewing Revenge of the Sith that seemed to go on so long that even Tina Fey got bored and put her head down(she is pregnant, maybe she's tired), however Amy Pohler was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.

The only sketch to feature Rob Riggle was cut, so he was probably upset.

The energy in the studio was so positive and you really could tell everyone was happy to have Will back.

By Lauren

Saturday night I was fortunate enough to get to attend the Will Ferrell SNL dress rehearsal. Though my seat didn't allow me to see much, it was still an amazing experience. Seeing the huge, silver, Jeopardy sign lowered from the ceiling, watching Will dance around with a cowbell--it was really quite a show.

There's always a few sketches cut from the dress rehearsal since dress is about a half an hour longer than air, and unfortunately some great sketches had to be cut. The sketches cut from dress included a 'Love-ahs' sketch with Rachel Dratch and Will Ferrell, in which unsuspecting students played by Seth Meyers and Maya Rudolph found themselves alone in the wild with their professors, with only one tent and one sleeping bag.

A cute haunted house sketch was also cut, in which a group of teenagers played by Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, Jason Sudeikis, and Seth Meyers enter a haunted house and try to summon a ghost. The ghost--played by Ferrell--appears, but goes unnoticed as the teenagers rummage through the ghost's belongings and mock him.

Overall, Ferrell did a really great job hosting, and though of course there's always more that he could've done--Bush, 'Get off the shed!', and countless memorable sketches with a cameo or two, it was still a really great show.

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