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Inside With: Dave Pasquesi of TJ and Dave

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ImprovOlympic and Second City Chicago veteran improv artists, Dave Pasquesi and TJ Jagodowski are finishing up a NYC run this Sunday at the Barrow Street Theatre. People rave about how amazing their shows are. One fan anticipating these performances stated, "I hope TJ and Dave don't make me cry with joy like they did last time." The Apiary had a chance to shoot some questions over to Dave Pasquesi and he kindly responded.

People are constantly saying that TJ & Dave are the best in the game. People talk about your guys' performances like they're religious awakenings. Is it hard living up to that?
We were not aware of our standing. But now that we are... Damn... we're scared shitless.

It's been said that if one wants to really study the art of improv, one needs to go to Chicago. Is that still true today?
We find Chicago to still be the place where improvisation is most widely done and seen, a great training ground. The community of improvisers is supportive. The audiences there are wonderful: savvy and patient. We have so many places to perform and people who will come to see it.

New York is closing the gap with the efforts of UCB, PIT and Magnet as well as events like the Del Close Marathon by UCB and Scott Morfee at Barrow Street bringing us in to perform for a more legit theater crowd.

Like with the notion of love at first site, do you think you immediately know who your complementary improv partners are?
I don't know about that, although TJ and I seemed to hit it off pretty quickly. We are interested in exploring the same kinds of improvisation.

Any plugs or news?
TJ will be appearing in The Ice Harvest out around Thanksgiving, directed by Harold Ramis.

Finally, The Colbert Report is white hot right now. We know you're friends with Stephen. Are there any talks of a collaboration on his show?
I am never involved in anything referred to as 'white hot'.

It's not too late to catch TJ and Dave while they're here. Tickets are still available now through November 6th. Also, to see more photos like the one above, check out Brandi Ediss' recent photo set.

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