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Inside With: Frank Santopadre, Editor of

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usNow that the dust has settled on the web launch of, a bi-monthly print magazine found around NYC and on racks across the country for its last two issues--the editor, Frank Santopadre (the dude surrounded by chicks) found some time to briefly chat with The Apiary about the ups and downs of publishing and the future.

Regarding Jest converting to web-only, was there something that could have been done to save the print version?
Hmmm... a loaded question. The magazine faced many challenges. One reason for putting the magazine on indefinite hold was printing costs. With a website, you're not paying those costs, of course, which makes life much easier. But truthfully, we felt the future of this kind of satire was on the web anyway, so I guess the change was inevitable. It's damn near impossible to be "cutting edge" or au courant (as the French say) when you're coming out every 2 months or so.

What do you think of the relaunch of Cracked?
We wish them all the luck in the world. The more the merrier I always say. I truly believe there's room for all kinds of humor and satire in the world and in the marketplace. I also hope they have better success getting the magazine into people's hands than we had. Of course, the fact they've put significant effort into a CRACKED site as well hasn't been lost on us. Comedy on the web would appear to be the wave of the future.

You have a staff, right? Do you also take submissions?
Both. We have a staff of 3 full-time editors as well as a core group of regular contributors. But we welcome submissions, of course. One of the most rewarding thing about editing the magazine was realizing how many talented, genuinely funny people were out there in the so-called wilderness. So, if you're reading this and you think you have the voice for JEST, by all means, write to us,

Just curious, what sites do you read every day?
Oh, pretty much the usual: CNN, Nerve, Salon, I'm also a big fan of sites that celebrate the art of scrimshaw. Not that you asked.

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