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Chris Fairbanks Makes Andy Garcia Chuckle!

We have the proof:

See more Fairbankian hilarity here.

The Apiary Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names!

Our Apiary Brethren -- Fathers? Cousins? Step-mothers? We're still not sure which family role to place on them -- has been following an interesting story this week regarding the striking similarities between a sketch from the NY troupe The Whitest Kids U'Know and a certain Budweiser ad that premiered during the Super Bowl. With this news brief by the Apes, it's starting to look like the similarities might be a little more than just coincidental.

Photo of the Moment: Patton England

From the photo archives for last week's You're Welcome show comes this visual gem of Patton Oswalt showcasing off his personal brand of politi-physical humor while pointing out a tuckered-out fella who passed out in his car on the street outside.

Look at that!
(Photo by Steve Agee)

See more hilarity tonight with Hard N Phirm, Bonnie MacFarlane, Sean Conroy, Jonah Ray, Natasha Leggero, Andrew Donnelly, Steve Agee, and Nadia Bacon. (9:00pm, $5, free beer!)

Lance Armstrong-Approved Comedy!

Live Strong!This Friday marks the premiere performance of Three Companeros at the UCB. (If we wasn't typing on a crappy keyboard, we would've put one of those squigglies over the 'n'. You'll just have to imagine its curvaceous glory.)

The show is a parody of Three's Company, but instead of the wacky sexual hijinks of Jack, Janet and Chrissy/Cindy/Terri, be prepared for the wacky sexual tension of Lance Armstrong, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey! The trio not only share a beachfront Malibu apartment together, but also the affections for their landlord's beautiful visitor.

Which studly celebrity will get the gal? Will the trio's friendship survive? Is there any way we can buy a bottle of their potent testosterone to make our "disco patch" of chest hair finally grow in completely? Those questions -- probably not the last one -- and more will be answered this Friday, and we're guessing there'll be a few surprises to boot.

Writer/director Amy Rhodes got her own surprise this past week:

The REAL Lance Armstrong found out about the show over the weekend and sent word that it sounds funny and wanted to know which of the three of them winds up getting the girl in the end... We told him to come see the show to find out!

Oh that Lance, always worried about the ladies. (For the record, our money's on the landlord; Roper was always one hell of a poon-hound.)

The show stars Drew Droege, Taran Killam, Robert Lambert, Cassie Pappas, and Bryan Safi.
Head this way to make your reservations. (11:00pm, $5)

First Look: "Illusionators" Sneak Preview

Paul Scheer from Human Giant sent along this tip today for a sneak preview :

I wanted to send you a new Human Giant Short short that we are are releasing, it's called Illusionators and it's been something we've been sitting on for awhile but I wanted you guys to get a first look at it. It's for our MTV show but most of this stuff we shot before we even went into production.

We saw a 12-minute "Illusionators" a few weeks ago at one of the Human Giant shows at UCB -- there's one this Thursday at 11pm with Mary Lynn Rajskub and Andy Blitz, for reservations go here -- and we still think it's the hardest we laughed in the past year. The following sneak preview is a bit shorter; it doesn't include any of the "crossing the road blindfolded" stuff or the brilliant Jon Glaser cameo, but it makes up for its absence with the graveyard scene towards the end.