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Your Weekend of Pre-Valentine's Day Romantic Bliss, Summarized

'Til DeathFriday: A split-hour of double-power at the UCB, starting with Jason Nash explaining to you "How to Hate Your Baby" followed by James Adomian and friends showcasith their improvith skills in "Shakesperiment". (8pm, $5) For you ocean-dwellers, The Westside Eclectic premieres their Howie Mandel-less version of "Deal or No Deal".(8pm, $8) Uncabaret's Beth Lapides and company share their stories of love at "Say The Word: Love Bugs". (8pm, $15) Get your sketch fix with too many people to name here at "Mama'd Be Proud" over at Second City. (9:30pm, $10)

Saturday: More sketch comedy than you can shake a scalpel at with the double bill of "The Madness of King/Drew Medical Center" and "Best Damn Sketch Show Ever" over at Acme. (10pm, $12) Jimmy Pardo breaks some hearts hosting the hell out of an all-star "Match Game" at the UCB. (10pm, $8) Brendon Small, Ron Lynch, and Craig Anton present their surreal variety spectacle The Tomorrow Show. (midnight, $5)

Sunday: When it comes to topical/political humor, The Daily Show handles your weeknights, and SNL claims your Saturdays, and Big News donkey-punches your Sundays. (10pm, $5)

"It's like all of my hilarious stereotypes are melting together!"

From the video conglomerate Super Deluxe, a website we check daily for our morning dose of motion picture hilarity, comes the following trailer from the fellas over at The Post Show. It's for a film entitled "The Dangerous Mind of Mencia", a sweeping cerebral epic examining the inner workings of Mencia's mind. The worst part of the trailer is that it's not for a real movie.


Greg Proops Probably Released An Album!

ProopsDylan over at Punchline Magazine contacted us this past week to see if we had any leads regarding the new Greg Proops album. We replied, reasonably enough, "What new Greg Proops album?"

it's becoming surreal. i know he has a cd. i have it, i listened to it. it's great. we reviewed it. but i haven't seen any updates from the label. a search yields nothing but our review which... leads us back to the beginning.

Well Proops finally made an official announcement about it over at his blog. Apparently, under a blanket of mystery and the cover of darkness, Proops released an album on Stand Up! Records last Tuesday entitled Joke Book. (You can get it at itunes here.)

Why all the secresy, though? He didn't even make a mention of it during his headlining set at CDR this past Tuesday, the same day the album was released. You'd think that it would at least deserve a brief mention at the end. Is there something sinister going on here? Perhaps. Our guess is that he made a wise, conscious decision to release it under the radar; any publicity this past week would be a waste of time and money with Kirkmania in full swing.

See Men In Speedos! Tonight!

Tybrus, Shirtless

For the comedy duos out there who don't want to use the cliched LastName & LastName name-making device, we suggest taking a page out of the NYC-based Tybrus' book. They just took the first part of Justin Tyler's last name, the last part of Jonathan Grabrus', smashed them together, and came out with something that sounds like either a Roman emperor or a ship in Starfleet.

Tonight, the Tybrus airbus lands in UCB-LA for their show "You're Out Too Far":

Cooper and Riley are lifeguards that swim too close to the jetty, run on slippery pool decks, bounce more than once on the high dive and refuse to wait 30 minutes after eating before going swimming. Worship at the altar of these two bronzed gods of the sand, the surf, and the chipwich.

The show starts at 8pm on a double bill with restaurant-based "Please Seat Yourself". That's two-two-two shows for one-one-one five-dollar payment! Head over here and get your reservations.

And ladies, looks like you're in luck: The Apiary reviewed this show last year, and it looks like the fellas do indeed lose their tops.

Guys With Feelings Console One Another Over A Vat Of Rocky Road Ice Cream Tonight! Live!


An experience we've found is pretty unique to living in LA is seeing a show lineup like the one below, and not immediately getting an enormous erection that lasts us for the rest of the day. No wonder all of those darn red states hate us so much.

Just look at it:

Guys With Feelings LIVE
with hosts Jason Nash and Jeff Bumganer

Special Guests
Ben Karlin "The Daily Show"
Matt Price "The Office"
Dave Koechner "Anchorman"
Jerry Minor "Lucky Louie"

The show's tonight at the Comedy Central Stage near Santa Monica and Vine. It starts at 8pm and, most importantly, it's free. You might want to give them a ring at 323-960-5519 to make a reservation though; a room with that level of grade-A, pure Angus talent is bound to get packed pretty quick. You'd be willing to fork down "a couple of Abrahams" for a bill like that, wouldn't you?