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Tonight's Best Bet

We've got a lot of great stuff to share with you (videos, books, albums, redesigns/moves, etc.), but tonight what we've got is some CRASHBAR IMPROV at 8:00pm, Tre Stage (1523 N La Brea Ave).

Image uploading is being strange, so until I find a better picture, here's an unrelated picture of a puppy.


8:00-8:20: Fancy Shmancy - Amber MacDonald, Wayland McQueen, George Ouzounian, Anthony Soike and Deborah Tarica

8:20-8:40: TAB - Lilan Bowden, Will Doughty, Diana Wright, Jacob Womack & Casey Feigh

8:40-9:00: Sentimental Lady - Alex Berg, Mel Cowan, Alex Fernie, Johnny Meeks, Suzi Barrett, Todd Fasen & Joel Spence


9:10-9:30: Ma-Hey-Hey - Marty Yu, Mike Carlson, David Podemski, Jenny Lennon, Scott Rodgers, Jonas Sansone, Venetia Pristavec

9:30-9:50: The Machine - Michael Busch, Chad Fogland, Curtis Rainsberry & Jeff Sloniker

9:50-10:10: Sweetness - Suzi Barrett, Mike Bertrando, Lauren Dowden, Brendan Hunt, Bridget Kloss, Seamus McCarthy, Jim Woods & Marc Warzecha

Kick it old school, and don't leave before you see Sweetness. They're sweet.

Comedy Coalition

Hey dudes, I was lucky enough to attend my first comedy show in L.A. Tuesday night (10/7/08), the Comedy Coalition Show at the Blue Goose Lounge. I couldn't have asked for a better show to see, it was free, parking was free, cheap beer, and I got to see comics I saw while living in Chicago. The Comedy Coalition is brought to you every other Tuesday night at the Blue Goose, at 8:30. The line up went a little something like this: Matt Champagne (host), Chad Zumock, Jeff Short, Alex Nussbaum, Geoff Keith, Butch Bradley, TJ Miller, Fahim Anwar,and Kyle Kinane. This particular show was their six month anniversary so there was free champagne, sorry if any of you suckers missed it. ---Tammy Connors

Comedy Coalition

Check 'er out tonight at 830 at Blue Goose Lounge (5201 W Sunset), and don't be a sucker.

Too Much Comedy

We really try to just tell you about the best of the best, the shows that aren't crap but that also aren't $20 to see old crap you saw on a sitcom eight years ago (no offense, Seinfeld). So the choice is yours, LA: improv or stand-up this evening?

For improv, your best bet is Crashbar Improv. Starting at 8 at Tres Stage (1523 N. La Brea), this show has some of the best teams around, the full line-up being:

Crashbar Improv8:00-8:10 Adam Jacobs
8:10-8:30 Stolemite
8:30-8:50 Payphone Wedding
9:00-9:30 Tigerpants
9:30-10:00 The Speakeasies
10:00-10:30 Rohan Will Answer

The whole show is only $5, and if you really want to stick around afterwards there's apparently an AA meeting. We know you comedian types love the booze, sometimes a little too much.

The stand-up is called Basement Party because, well, it's in the basement of the Ramada Inn (1160 N Vermont Ave). The show is free with an incredible line-up:

Cornell Reid
Paul Danke
Scotty Bowser
Eric Andre
Kyle Mooney
Wendy Ho,
And EITHER Mike Bridenstine, Mike Holmes, or Mike Burns

Why either you may ask? Because you can actually go vote over on A Special Thing for which comedian will be performing. Also, you can get some more info on the out-of-towner Wendy Ho, and maybe find out what time the show starts because it doesn't seem to be listed (we assume 9). No matter what, it's free and features some of the best comics in LA.

Basement Party

Happy Thursday!

Your Girlfriend Spooktacular!

Your Girlfriend Spooktacular Show tonight 10/15 at 10pm at the Art/Works Theater (6569 Santa Monica Blvd) at 10pm for $5. Featuring Charlyne Yi, Howard Kremer, John Vargas, The Birthday Boys, and John Ennis. Mmmmmm, comedy.

For reals, guys, you should check out Your Girlfriend.

No Cover, No Drink Minimum, Funny Show

That's what it's all about, people. We could mention the always incredible See You Next Tuesday, this week featuring Aziz Ansari, or tonight's killer Garage Comedy Show, but what we really want to mention is this little ditty
Free comedy show tomorrow nite, tuesday, october 14th, 8:30pm-10:00, at:

Bar Lubitsch
7702 santa monica blvd
west hollywood, ca 90046
x-street is stanley ave


Kymberly Clark
Raj Desai
Earl Skakel
Nosmo King
Nick Thune

hosted by me, Jason Helfgott

Parking on santa monica

no cover, no drink min

A free, fun show that you probably hadn't really heard of yet. You're welcome.

With love,
The Coming