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Last iO Benefit

With the reopening next week, this will likely be the last time we send you somewhere other than iO to see iO groups. That being said, we f'ing love these folks.

Crashbar ImprovImaginary Friends
Sentimental Lady
Dr. God

$5. 8pm. Tres Stage, 1523 N. La Brea.

Dance and shout, and please don't stop the music.

Cuckoo for Comedy

This post brought to you by our sponsor (in spirit), Cocoa Puffs cereal: For hair so healthy, it shines. Also, click the other images for some sick nasty comedy this evening. If you can't see the events, you're not logged into facebook. If you don't have a facebook account, then how do you view pictures of high school kids drinking?

Cocoa Puffs CerealPunk House 2 Year Anniversary Show
Hour of Power Debut ShowCulver City Open Mic at the Spot

Watch your caloric intake, and don't eat Trix (they're for kids!).

Shake Up Your Tuesday!

Sorry for the terrible earthquake pun, but here's a little show that's worth way more than the $0 admission. It's called "You Didn't F***ing Pay For This" which is why we assume it's free, and it's tonight, Tuesday July 29th at 10pm at 1323 Santa Monica Blvd. "The Room" (The Corner of 14th and Santa Monica). The doors open at 9pm with drink specials, splendiferous comedians (Joe Wilson, Katie Hall, Dave Forseth, Tom O’Keefe, Andrew Santino), extravagant hosts (Steven Benaquist and Jason Boggs), and possibly some jousting? You can check out the facebook event here.

Clown Jousting
Ok, it may not look anything like this tonight, but seeing funny people joust would still be pretty cool.

Rock the casbah, and don't stand near glass during the next 5.8.

iO Reopens August 6th!

We've heard it from various sources but didn't want to spread rumors until iO officially announced it, but according to their website the iO theater will be fully operational August 6th. We'll be there with a drink in hand, assuming the bar isn't still in this condition:

Bar Crash Area

Enjoy your respective Mondays, and don't swim in the deep end.

So Much Awesome Comedy Tonight!!1!

Even our shift key is excited11!1

We previously mentioned the comedy rooftop BBQ, and how awesome a combination of these three things would be. Well champs, tonight is the night, 8pm at 725 S. Spring Street. Because it is hosted on a rooftop, you'll likely want to RSVP on the facebook event or shoot an email to bagladydave [atsymbol]

If you can tear yourself away from the afterparty which is destined to ensue on a rooftop with beer, head on over to 12 Shiny Nickels, where 12 comedians each perform their best five minutes. At least, that's the idea. As mentioned over on Live Comedy LA the show tends to start late and run long, but when there's free beer and only $5 to get in, you'll want to stay late. Their website can be seen here, the facebook event can be seen here, and the real event can be seen at 1501 N. Gardner Street at Sunset, 11pm. Also, for some reason, they made a video showcasing their line-up of comedians:

Spoiler: It's John Roy, Matt Braunger, Rob Delaney, Simon King, Melinda Hill, Matt Dwyer, Val Myers, Kevin Christy, Holly Mills, Adam Hammer, and Steve Simeone.

Finally, for a third option altogether, we recommend Comedy Meltdown 8. It is this evening, Friday July 25th, at 830pm at 7522 Sunset. Our reasons for recommending such a show includes, but is not limited to the comics (Anthony Jeselnik, Jackie Kashain, Rob Delaney, Brian Zarin, and Robert Yasumura), the host (Blaine Capatch), the sponsor (Asahi), the lack of a cover ($0), and the sweet poster
(Comedy Meltdown 8).

Good luck finding parking, and don't forget your shift key111