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Birthday Boys/Convoy Interview: Part III

We sat down with the improv group Convoy and sketch group The Birthday Boys and had them talk about influences, origins, and sketch vs. improv. We broke that massive interview down into weekly chunks. The following is chunk three of that series.

TODD/CONVOY: So when you guys write, how does it work? Do you all write together? Are the sketches fully formed or Do you all pitch ideas and then say: “I like Dave’s idea, I’ll go write that”.

TIM/BDB Sometimes that happens but usually you know we all have jobs where we sit in front of computers all the time so we have a huge amount of emails everyday, where someone writes a sketch idea and then-

Mitch sighs unhappily

JEFF/BDB: What’s the matter, Mitch?

MIKE M/BDB: It’s a lot of emails everyday.

ALEX B/CONVOY: Can I ask you a nerdy 21st century networking question?

JEFF/BDB: Yes, please.

ALEX F/CONVOY: Do you use shared Google documents?


ALEX F/CONVOY: You should!

ALEX B/CONVOY: You should use shared Google docs, it makes it so much easier.

TODD/CONVOY: It doesn’t do Final Draft formatting or anything, but…

JEFF/BDB: We DO use shared Google calendars, do you do that?

ALEX F/CONVOY: I refuse to do that, that’s too much.

TODD/CONVOY: We can take care of our own dates, thank you very much.

MIKE M/BDB: I refuse to switch from AOL mail

DF: True story. And for the listeners, (to Mitch) can we give your cell phone out to the world wide web? Because I guarantee no matter what day throughout history you’re reading this interview, you call Mitch and he A. won’t answer and B. his voice mail box will be full.

CHRIS/BDB: Can’t leave a message.

MIKE M/BDB: 617 695 ----

Convoy has a weekly show Thursdays at 11p, The Birthday Boys do a show the first Wednesday of every month at 8p. For more info on these groups check out and

-Joanna Calo

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