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On The Rag

My Pet GoatComedy Gossip by Dame Tracy Morning

In the first of what will hopefully be a long, lasting, sometimes erotic, and always intriguing column, Dame Tracy Morning – while the last name may be fictitious, there’s no faking her royalty – presents to us a candid look behind the scenes of LA’s most debaucherous comics. What follows is straight from the Dame’s six senses (telepathy counts!) to her old Tandy-1000 word processing machine, to a trained carrier pigeon, to our office.

- The big news this week is Jason Nash’s return to standup after a year hiatus. His new baby has taken him away from the stage, but now he’s back to let everyone know how miserable fatherhood has been. He did a 15-minute set at Josh Fadem’s Acid Reflux Hour that was equal parts depressing and amusing. Let’s hope, for Comedy’s sake, things don’t get better for Nash. At one point he admitted to regularly throwing large rocks in a quarry to let out some aggression he has toward himself and his baby. I really hope Nash doesn’t hurt his baby, but his 30 minute set at the UCB this week is not to be missed if you enjoy watching a man swinging wildly at the end of his rope.

- Dan Bialek stirred the pot at Sparkiepop’s birthday show at See You Next Tuesday last week. He insinuated Mary Lynn Rajskub was, “the laziest comic in Hollywood.” Rajskub did a set earlier in the night at Comedy Death Ray, with mixed results. He attacked without mercy, asking the audience, “What was she saying back there? It was like she was speaking Japanese.” He went on to admit, “she’s a charming girl, don’t get me wrong, but really…” I love Mary Lynn, but I love verbal comic-on-comic violence even more. Stay nasty, Dan Bialek!

- Nick Thune had a pretty dreadful set at What’s Up, Tiger Lily? last Monday. Maybe it was the fact that he was performing sans guitar, but his jokes were falling flat, and he became visibly upset as his set dragged on. Having an off night happens to the best of ‘em, but Thune decided to dig himself out of a hole by… attacking another comic on the bill! One of the waiters from Tiger Lily did a set earlier in the night, that I unfortunately missed. As Thune hit rock bottom, he exclaimed, “At least I’m not as bad as that waiter.” He then addressed the guy directly, “Let’s be honest, guy, you were horrible.” From the back of the room, the waiter replied, “You wanna fight?” The room got really cold all of the sudden. Delightful! Worth the price of admission alone: Thune apologizing to the waiter when he needed to close out his tab.

- That same night, a drunk Natasha Leggero and Melinda Hill began to loudly heckle Maria Bamford. And some feisty fellow who Leggero claimed to be “her boyfriend” interrupted a few comics that night by standing up and inexplicably yelling, “I’m Gay” which lost it’s funny the third time. Keep those lampshades firmly affixed, ladies!

- Speaking of Leggero, she managed to piss off the one Fergie Fan in the audience at Acid Reflux. The woman was laughing loudly until Leggero launched into her bit criticizing contemporary pop music. The woman was sitting behind me, so I was treated to her irritated mutterings and hissing. When Natasha claimed Fergie, “was giving our culture AIDS,” I thought I heard a blood vessel burst. Unfortunately, a catfight did not ensue.

Until next time, stay drunk!

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