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Super-Secret 'Human Giant' Photo Leaked!

Jonah - Human Giant

(From Jonah Ray's MySpace page)

Let's break this leaked photo down, pretentious film-analyst style!

First off, we have Mr Ray in some kind of burger-flipping wardrobe, yellow being the dominant color. Behind the apron is a red-and-white lined shirt, with a bowtie on top. What does this all mean? Republican!

Perhaps the yellow apron signifies an attempt by the burger-flipper to hide his politics from the outside world, a blank yellow slate for his customers to see. Of course, there's no hiding the bowtie. Especially to the menacingly gay duo in the background, muscular agents of the underground Gay Agenda, who are ready to pounce on him as soon as he turns around.

Where the trio's adventures go from there, no one knows. But we're sure it'll include some homoerotica!

For all other things Jonah Ray, head this way.

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