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An Intimate Evening with The Bammer, Part Deux

Romance!Because of last week's dual controversy regarding the "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" show -- the first being our mistake of the exact date of the Bamford CD release party, which was corrected by the friendliest Anonymous Asshole we've ever met, virtually or otherwise; the second being the gossipy madness that ensued from Dame Tracy's first post -- we thought we owed the show one more plug this morning.

(Honestly, we just wanted an excuse to run the above MS Painted photo one more time.)

We actually happened to take in last week's show, the one we mistakenly plugged, and the show turned out to be a grand ol' time. The host triptych of Maria Bamford, Natasha Leggero and Melinda Hill were fantastic, the acoustics in the room were intimate in a fun but never-record-an-album there kind of way, and the drinks were available for purchase, as long as you had compensation in monetary form!

The best part though, and we're being serious here, was the loose atmosphere of the entire event. Watching comics yell to each other from their tables during, after, and before other performances is worth the price of admission alone, which, actually, is free. It honestly feels like a show in a comic's living room, and that's to be taken as a high compliment.

So, hell, if you got nothing else planned tonight (and really, it's a Monday after all; who has plans on Monday nights besides Hollywood socialites?) head over to Tiger Lily for The Bammer's CD release party. Guests include:

Doug Benson
Andy Kindler
Michelle Biloon
& special guests even!!

Starts at 8pm, no cover. Directions, menus and kickin' beats are available at the Tiger Lily Restaurant website.

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