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2007: The Year of The Kirkman

The Kirkman!Before we get into Day Three of our 15,000 day treatise on the LA comedy scene, we thought it might be best to make a bold declaration, you know, before The Man starts paying too close attention and forces us to conform to the popularized idea of what a comedy blog should be, invariably with a whole lot of product placement to boot.

It's time to officially announce, a month late, that 2007 will be The Year of The Kirkman.

Since this is the first year of such an "award", we're still not sure if this is one of those blessed accolades, like the Grammy's Best New Artist award, or a cursed one, like the Madden Cover Curse. That knowledge will only come with the passing of time.

We're not going to get into too many details about what makes Ms. Jen Kirkman so special right now. Hopefully it'll be evident when, next week, we publish an exclusive interview that is coming to The Coming.

But for now all we ask of you readers is to, sometime in the next 11 months, check out a Jen Kirkman show. That's all. And hell, if December 31st rolls around and you still haven't seen her, we'll even give you an extra month. We're more than happy to let her reign for a full calendar year.

All relevant information on where to see her can, presumably, be found on her blog or MySpace page.

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