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A Journey Into The Confessional

We have a few confessions to get off our chest before we continue as your all-seeing, all-knowing LA comedy webspace: (1) We're unabashed sports fans (which accounts for our affinity to the Leitchian Royal We); (2) We're from Chicago; (3) We love the Bears.

So if you're coming to this site for an unbiased view on sports, you've come to the wrong place. Actually, if you've come to this site for ANY view on sports, you've come to the wrong place.

With that out of the way, here's a crude photoshop job that found its way into our inbox this morning that pretty accurately reflects our sentiments for the big game this weekend:

You're rubber, I'm glue

To bring this back to comedy, at last night's CDR there were a few Barbaro quips. The first being host Nick Kroll reading from his diary a letter he composed to Barbaro following his death. Needless to say, there was more than one reference to his "big horse cock".

The second was Paul F. Tompkins, making his way to the stage immediately following Kroll's reading. He asked the audience whether we, as a society, should have by now moved past the point where a broken leg means that a horse must be put down. To this, he was met with complete silence, at which point he replied "Or not? I guess I read this crowd wrong" and accused the audience of just looking for any excuse to put Barbaro down. "Any reason will do."

Now, go say something nice about Barbaro.

Edit: Related hilarity.

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